August Wrap Up & September TBR // I’m a busy bee!

MONTHLY wrap up

Another month come and go, and this one happens to be the end of summer. Like many others, this mark the end of free time and the start of chaotic school/university schedule. I don’t have as many class as last term for my upcoming term, but that doesn’t mean that I am ready to leave the comfort of my home and Pedro 💔


  1. SIMON VS THE HOMOSAPIENS AGENDA by Becky Albertalli // ✰✰✰✰.5
  2. BOTTLED GOODS by Sophie van Llewelyn {ARC} // ✰✰
  3. SMOKE IN THE SUN by Renee Ahdieh // ✰✰
  4. SUMMER DAYS AND SUMMER NIGHTS by Stephanie Perkins // ✰✰
  5. CHINA RICH GIRLFRIEND by Kevin Kwan // ✰✰✰✰.5
  6. OLYMPIAN CHALLENGER by Astrid Arditi {ARC} // ✰.5
  7. EVERY EXQUISITE THING by Cassandra Clare // ✰✰✰
  8. THE GOOD DEMON by Jimmy Cajoleas {ARC} // Currently reading

All links go to my review.

As you can see, August wasn’t a good reading month for me. I am super disappointed with Smoke in the Sun, but ecstatic that Simon vs lived up to the hype. Oh, and China Rich Girlfriend was a pleasant surprise!


  2. TRAVELLING IN THE DARK by Emma Timpany {ARC}
  4. STRANGE GRACE by {ARC} by Tessa Gratton
  5. PERSUASION by Martina Boone

I’m really behind on my ARCs, so September is going to be my ARCAugust kind of month for me. I’m also on a series-finishing streak, so I want to tackle Rich People Problems and Persuasion. If I still have time, I’ll read Half Blood Prince, A Gathering of Shadows, and Steadfast.



Pedro happened, this little pup has literally take over my life!

I spent majority of August playing with him. I swear he’s unpredictable. Sometimes he’s so energetic; running, jumping, scratching, and barking. Other times he just slept the whole time! One thing for sure, I really enjoyed having a dog hehe! Here’s a picture of him judging me for disturbing his nap:


And that’s probably the only picture I can share with right now, as others are blurry and since I’ve been away for the last half of August, I couldn’t get another pic 😭 We just shaved him last month due to fleas, so that’s the only fur he has for now.

Tbh, I like him better like this instead of being a ball of fluff, as I can see the judgement in his eyes more clearly 😂

The last 2 weeks of August were pretty tiring though. I was part of the welcoming committee so we spent those weeks preparing and executing the event. We arrived at 6.30 am and left at 8 pm 😳 In fact, I went home yesterday at 10. I am also involved in other activities outside of university, so I spent the weekends going back and forth. It was tiring, but I also had a lot of fun! 😁 Today is the last day of orientation but I still have events coming, it’s been hectic so far and I can’t wait for it to be over and for me to catch up on some zzzs!

If there’s anything I’m super happy with this month is that I finally learn how to use bus! The bus that runs around Jakarta is called Transjakarta. They are still new compared to other bus services in other countries; other than the fact they use new busses, they are also run by the government. The previous bus service we had was unorganized and super creepy. I finally tried using it this month for the first time, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought! In fact it was very clean and pretty organized, and the ask person was very helpful and friendly. Way to go, Jakarta.


How was August for you? When will your school/uni starts?


18 thoughts on “August Wrap Up & September TBR // I’m a busy bee!

  1. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have the best reading month, but yay for Simon, I loved this book so much! ❤
    Pedro looks adorable, I get why you wouldn't want to leave him! Best of luck for the back-to-school times, you can do this! ❤ ❤


  2. Your puppy is adorable! I’m sure he brings the household so much joy ❤ Hope you can read more exciting and high-rating books in September. Seems like you really enjoyed the Crazy Rich series, I've only watched the movie but I'm now quite interested to read the series.


  3. I’m so glad Simon Vs. lived up to the hype for you! It’s one of my all-time faves (and everyone else’s, haha). I need to start the Crazy Rich Asians series! Okay, your dog is just the CUTEST. Wishing you the best of luck with starting school soon! ❤


  4. I read Simon a few years back, and yes, it totally lived up to the hype, and still brings a smile to my face. I am a fan of the Crazy Rich Asians books. They are hilarious, and I liked all the little historical bits too.


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