Top 5 Wednesday #46: Favorite Friendship Group // Hashtag Squad Goals


Welcome to another top 5 wednesday! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Samantha and Lainey! You can check the group here for more discussions and topic.

This topic is actually a topic for 2 weeks ago, however since I wasn’t able to join and I can’t find anything to write for this week, I decided to write about my favorite friendships. I mean, mainstream media can be pretty saturated with romance, but it also has some amazing friendship that deserves love and appreciated every chance it got. Without further ado, here are my favorite friendship groups!

Golden Trio

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I mean, do I even need to explain more? From offering sweets, fighting trolls, annoys Snape, teenage romance, and to follow Harry to an almost certain horrible death, this trio is one of the best in literary history.

HoO squad

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And when I say HoO squad, it includes Nico, Reyna, Coach Hedge, and Grover. The ending of this series was very anticlimatic imo, but that doesn’t mean their adventures and friendships go to waste. They are very diverse, open, and would do anything to save each other.

TID squad

Image result for the infernal devices

The infernal trio of pain (aka Will, Jem, Tessa) will always be my favorite, but let’s not forget Gideon & Gabriel, the brave and honest brothers despite having a horrible father, Sophie with her pure heart, Cecily with fiery heart to rival Will, Magnus Bane the BEST downworlder to ever exist, and Charlotte and Henry, bless their heart for babysitting the squad.

ATLA squad

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From the original trio of Aang, Katara and Soka, to Toph, Bumi, and even Zuko. Their dynamics are amazing and they treat each other as a family! Also, they had so much fun travelling together and make each other a better person.


Image result for avengers party gif

Nothing but respect for this dysfunctional family that fights all the time for our safety. The OG avengers were pretty solid together, Steve and Tony are bound to clash at some point but in the end they work it out. I guess they just don’t spend much time together that they didn’t understand each other much, and the fights came again. I mean, the moment they defeat Loki, they went separate ways. Same with Ultron. Maybe it’s just me reading too many domestic!Avengers fic but oh how I love their dynamics when they are together.

Honorable Mention

Team Free Will

Image result for team free will gif

Look, I love them together. The brothers who would raise hell and destroy heaven for each other and little angel who’s finding his humanity and would do everything to create peace for everyone. However, they are not on my main list because they lie to each other and has this HUGE communication problem. As the result, they tend to cause semi or ever real apocalypse and have to clean each other mess 24/7.

Also, can we talk about how Dean and Sam mistreat Cas during the mid of the series? They always say that Cas is a family yet they treat him like their call-on angel that would always be there to snap his finger and clean their mess, without regards to his moral dilemma/personal problems.

Reply 1988

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God, how much I love this k-drama. Reply 1988 tells the story of 5 childhood friends growing up together. The story starts from when they are teenagers so their dynamics are already established, but they are also some cute and wild childhood flashbacks. I swear they are really fun and get into too many crazy shenanigans and I would love to be part of this group. The only reason why it’s not on my main list is because I haven’t finished this series- and I don’t want to because I’m not ready losing it yet.

The Marauders

Image result for the marauders gif

I love them as much as the next potterhead does and would throw my money if there are any announcement on Marauders era series, but I also think they are a bully. Yes they are fiercely loyal to each other, to the point of risking Azkaban to became illegal animagus and have small regards on their lives when it comes to protecting Remus. But outside of their circle, especially to Snape, they can be pretty cruel. What counts as pranks for them are actually making people’s life hell.

Instead of putting yourself as a spectator in their story (as Harry does), try putting yourself in Snape’s or other marauders victims shoes. Their pranks do really get out of hand.

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Which fictional friend groups are your favorite?



23 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #46: Favorite Friendship Group // Hashtag Squad Goals

  1. The Golden Trio, yess!!
    And I agree so much with your opinion about The Marauders and Team Free Will, I think both of these squads have their faults, but you kind of find yourself rooting for them anyway, wanting them to make up and be fine. I think with The Marauders, it’s a bit an issue with the whole perception of Slytherins in the book, no matter what JKR says, she kind of put them in a bad light most of the time and it’s somehow supposed to excuse their actions because Slytherins are evil anyway.


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