September 2018 Screen Rambles


Welcome to another edition of screen rambles! Screen rambles is a monthly features- or at least, I tried to make it monthly– where I just rambling about the things I watched in the previous month.

As I’ve mentioned on my September wrap-up, I was VERY overwhelmed with the new term and other activities that I barely watched anything. However, I really enjoyed what I watched so without further ado, let’s see what I did see in September!

Victoria Season 1 // ✰✰✰

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I had such a high expectations for this series as it has been compared with The Crown. I was in the mood for some historical fiction but I wasn’t in the mood for movies, so I opted for Victoria instead, as it has fewer episodes compared to The Crown and fit the hecticness.

I’m not saying that this series is bad; I really enjoyed watching it, the cast are perfect for the characters and the dynamics are fantastic. However, there wasn’t any urgency in the plot, it never seemed to pick up and grab my attention. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Victoria, Albert, and Lord Melbourne, I’d give up on this series.

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Jenna Louise Coleman is perfect as Victoria. She may be small, but she portrayed her grace and presence effectively. Rufus Sewell is obviously too handsome to be Lord Melbourne, but the way he carries the character makes us realize that, despite the fascinating dynamics between them, Victoria and Lord M would never be together because of how devoted he was towards his country and (dead) wife. He’s a great mentor and father figure towards Victoria, and watching this make me happy for the real Victoria for having someone like Lord M to guide her.

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I love Albert too, that shot when he and Ernst walking to the palace is EVERYTHING 😍 Tom Hughes has killer eyes, yes, but his quiet voice and calm demeanor really wins me over. He portrays Albert really well, with all his troubles and love for Victoria. Their chemistry is just on fire 🔥 I love how he portrays the other side of Albert too, the ones that is passionate and fascinated about science and human rights issue.

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While it did not blew me away, Victoria is a great series. It has amazing cast, perfect dynamics, and yes, gorgeous dresses. Each season only have 8 episodes, each about 50 minutes, and I can’t wait to watch the second season!

Our Times // ✰✰✰✰✰

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This movie took me by surprise. I don’t really watch rom-com, especially Asian rom-com since they can be super cheesy and cringy. My friend has been pushing me to watch Our Times for a while now, but since I keep putting it off, she finally decided to watch it with me at uni.

Which, made me cry in uni.

Our Times tells the story of Lin Truly, who works in a company and just couldn’t say no to her boss. Therefore, she’s often has to stay late doing extra work no matter what she wants. When she heard how her colleagues talked about her, she reminisces to her high school time, where she was a geeky girl who fell in love with the popular guy. One day, she received a chain mail and her decision to forward this letter will change her life forever.

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Our Times is a very tropey movie: it has unrequited love, good girl bad boy, fake relationship, and more. But this movie makes it work and manages to make us emotionally invested in the story. We grew to care about what happened with the characters, wanting them to change and succeed, and in the end, finding love and happiness.

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The movie is hilarious at the beginning, and there were some funny bits too throughout. However, I ended up crying a lot while watching this. What makes me cry is the introspective narrative by Truly. As this movie tells Truly’s first love, the narratives will hits you right in the feels. It’s bittersweet and nostalgic, and no matter how painful it hits you, it makes you want to get back to those times again. And there’s also the part where it’s narrated by the guy, which makes me cry even harder because he’s just saying the things he couldn’t say to her 😭😭😭

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say on the movie anymore. Even writing this review and searching for gifs give me ~all the feels~ and I feels like crying again 😅 The best way I can describe this movie is this is Love, Rosie times 10. All the fluff, the sadness, and the bittersweet, Our Times intensifies those emotions.

What have you been watching in September?


19 thoughts on “September 2018 Screen Rambles

  1. I LOVE Victoria, it always makes me silly smile, and for an hour afterwards, I’m always going around making people jump by randomly singing ‘HALLELUJAHHHHHHHH’ in their ears, LOL.

    I haven’t watched The Crown yet though so I can’t compare!


  2. I love watching Asian rom-com, they are surprisingly good! And OH GOD I cried so hard when I watch Our Times!!


  3. I watch Victoria too! I love Jenna Coleman, and will watch anything that she’s in 😊 I agree with you about Victoria being slow-paced, and that the characters are what make the show as good as it is


      1. Yes I’ve seen the second season, but it was a little while ago so my memory is sort of fuzzy 😬 I remember enjoying the Christmas episode a lot though!


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