As the title suggest, this is just a short post to announce that I’m going to take a hiatus for 2 weeks. The reason is things just escalated too quickly for me to even comprehend and I don’t even know how am I going to survive next week 😭😭😭

You might remember that I mentioned in my October monthly wrap-up that I won a competition and I joined a forum? The dates happened to fall on my midterms, so as the consequences I have to take a make up exam.

Two, to be exact, as there are 2 subjects that I missed.

What I didn’t predict is how already packed my schedule is:

Monday: 2 make up exams, 2 lab reports, 1 presentation

Tuesday: 2 lab reports

Wednesday: 1 presentation

Thursday: 1 lab report, MUN position paper deadline

Friday-Sunday: MUN

I’m not complaining as I had a wonderful time during the trip, meeting amazing people, and make some new friends. But it would be nice if the universe stop sending everything all at once 😭

So you see, I would not be able to post anything next week even if I want to, and I decided to take another week off to recover and just don’t feel the pressure. I already uninstalled instagram, wordpress, and bloglovin on my phone; I’m going to proceed with logging out from wordpress, goodreads and twitter on my laptop. Therefore, I would not be able to post, reply, nor see any notifications coming my way 🙈 However, feel free to leave any messages and I’ll reply as soon as I could!

I’ve never done anything this extreme but you do what you gotta do. 

Thank you so much for your understanding, I’ll see you in the next 2 weeks!



12 Replies to “Mini-hiatus”

  1. Aw, good luck with everything you have due, Tasya. Hiatuses are really helpful in these circumstances, and I often find that getting back into blogging after a hiatus gets all the creative juices flowing better too. 🙂 ❤


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