October 2018 Screen Rambles


Welcome to another edition of screen rambles! Screen rambles is a monthly features- or at least, I tried to make it monthly– where I just rambling about the things I watched in the previous month.

The first few weeks of October felt like calm before all hell of assignments broke loose, so I managed to watched 3 movies that month. It was a really good month for movies, I loved all the movies I watched!

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Image result for silence of the lambs gif

Yes, this is my first time watching this legendary movie and yes, I regret not watching it sooner.

I watched it while I was doing my laboratory reports, but oh my, even with half attention, I could tell what an amazing movie it was. The plot was pretty mind bending, since I only paying half attention some of the nuance might be lost to me. For those of you who’ve never watched this movie before, basically this new female FBI agent is sent to interviewed the infamous Hannibal Lecter to assist them in capturing a serial killer. The atmosphere was very dark and gritty, but the dynamics between Clarice and Hannibal works really well… but also weird. Like, is it just me, or is Hannibal is into Clarice???

Anyways, despite the intriguing plot and suspenseful atmosphere, it was the acting that took all the stars for me. Especially Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter. The geniusness, the erratic behaviour, the obsession, and the no regret. It’s just pure gold. He gives life to the character and I believe that if it weren’t for him, the movie won’t be as legendary as it is now. 

The Addams Family (1991)

Image result for the addams family movie gif

The 80s-90s seemed like a really good year from movies, aren’t they? I finally watched this movie after putting it off since last year, and it did not disappoint! This movie basically tells the story of the Addams Family, which is an eccentric and supernatural (?) families living in a suburb and a con run on them. 

Just like other watchers, I find Morticia and Gomez to be #goals. And tbh, I love both of them equally. I love how communicative they are with each other- the whole family in general is very tight-knit and the problems don’t happen because of miscommunications, which is rarely found in current movies. Then there’s also the quirkiness and the dark humor of the whole story. Although I admit I found the story to be a bit predictable, overall I had a great fun time watching it!

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Image result for the grand budapest hotel GIF


Telling a quirky story about love, murder, and revenge, this movie has been on my list for a while. Not to mention the epic cinematography and the ensemble cast. I love the dialogue, plot, and humor. I love how resilient M. Gustave is and how loyal Zero is to everyone. And it’s just funny to see Willem Dafoe in this movie. However, the ending was definitely darker and sadder than what I expected, and kinda ruins the experience for me. Still, I highly enjoyed it and terrorized my friend to watched it immediately after I finished the movie xD

Is there any movies/shows you watched in October? What was your favorite?


9 Replies to “October 2018 Screen Rambles”

  1. Haha yes The Addams Family is so great! I remember watching the movies a few years ago with no idea what they were about and for the first thirty minutes I was hopelessly confused and kind of creeped out but now they’re one of my favorite movies to rewatch. I also absolutely love how the problems don’t really stem from miscommunications! I totally agree that it’s used as a way to get tension in movies nowadays and it really irritates me. Like just TALK to each other and all the problems would disappear!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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