November Wrap Up & December TBR // It’s the final countdown

MONTHLY wrap up

This is it guys.

This is the final month. The last 31 days to read all the books we want to read in 2018, all the series we want to finish, and all the personal goals we want to achieve. If there’s time to start doing them, the time is definitely this month.

Personally I’m already giving up on my end-of-year TBR, so better luck for me next year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. SILENT NIGHT by Lara Hawthorne {e-ARC} // ✰✰✰
  2. LEARN ABOUT LOSS by Cassandra Clare // ✰✰✰✰
  3. A STAGE FULL OF SHAKESPEARE by Angela McAllister {e-ARC} // ✰✰✰✰
  4. RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS by Kevin Kwan // ✰✰✰✰
  5. HECTOR’S FAVORITE PLACE by Jo Rooks {e-ARC} // ✰✰✰✰
  6. A DEEPER LOVE by Cassandra Clare // ✰✰✰✰✰
  8. NORSE MYTHOLOGY by Neil Gaiman // ✰✰✰

While I didn’t really read a lot in November (CC books are novellas, while the e-ARCS are all less than 150 pages), I’m so happy to see that all of them are 3 stars and above! I think it was a pretty good reading month overall, even though I didn’t realize it immediately.


  3. NEED by Carrie Jones
  4. CAPTIVATE by Carrie Jones
  5. THE UNTEACHABLES by Gordon Korman {e-ARC}
  6. OVER RULED by Brittney Joy {e-ARC}


I’m sorry, but I will leave this section empty. It’s not that there were no terrific posts last month- in fact, there were a lot. However, I didn’t bookmark any of them and therefore, unable share them to you guys.

Uni really zombiefies me.


Again, November is one big blur of exhaustion.

The first weekend of November was filled with travels. At the very first weekend, I traveled to Manado because I won an infographic competition with my friend. Manado is famous for its coral reefs, however we didn’t get to do any diving due to bad weather 😦 I still had a blast though, the people were fun and the food were delicious!

During the weekdays, I was busied with supplementary exams (the Manado trip was during my mid-terms), presentations, and 3 lab reports. Then the next weekend, I traveled to another city for MUN. You can see my detailed schedule on my semi-hiatus announcement– yes, that week forced me to take hiatus.

I can’t believe that I let 4 years go by between my first MUN and this one, I forgot how much I loved it! I had such an amazing time at MUN, I’m still not over it. The atmosphere was intense, but it was also fun and the people were friendly. It really solidifies my interest in public health. The weekend flew by really fast and I can’t believe it’s over!

The next two weeks were filled with lab reports, presentation, and assignments- as is the usual schedule. The attack has slowed down now, last week was our last week for all labs, and the final lab report all due next week. And then we will proceed to Christmas break… and directly to finals once uni starts again.


How was your November? Any plans and TBR for December?


11 thoughts on “November Wrap Up & December TBR // It’s the final countdown

  1. Yeah, I’m probably not going to make my TBR goal this year either. Ohhhh wellllll. I’m eager to see how you like Wicked Saints – I just added it to my TBR this past month, and it sounds real good. It sounds like you have another busy month ahead of you! But hopefully the days go by fast, and Christmas break is enjoyable. 🙂


  2. “Uni really zombiefies me.” Can I agree on this more? This is so accurate! And wow, you had a really good reading month, I’m happy 😀 And Wicked Saints is on my TBR too so I would love to know your thoughts on it. You’re lucky your finals start after Christmas break, we have them before (next week!!!) and I’m so not ready LOL. Anyway, I hope our December would be amazing ❤


  3. I have never really attempted to make a TBR I wan’t to stick to because I know i wouldn’t happen, haha 😛 I pick and choose books to read randomly, and I feel like I’d almost go against the TBR just for the sake of it. Though I do really want to make a small list of books I NEED to read in 2019, so I don’t forget about them.

    Good luck with all your assessment, Tasya! Sending good grade vibes your way 😀


  4. You did great Tasya with 8 books in November! For some reason November is a hard month for me and my reading slump has span several months now. Making reading a challenge. My moody reading list helps me a lot; keeps me reading inspite of a slump. Thanks for the wrap up! ❤️❤️


    1. Thank you Dani! Ahh reading slump is the worst, it’s annoying especially when you think you’re in the mood to read a certain book, but can’t bring yourself to finish it even though you know you’ll love it if you read it another time. I hope you’ll get out of it soon ❤


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