Rereading Harry Potter⚡✨: Book 5-7

I finally did it guys! I finally finished my reread!

It’s definitely took longer than I expected. It took me longer for me to pick up book 5 rather than reading it. And overall, the second half of the series weren’t as magical as the first. But they sure are more exhilarating.

Without further ado, here are my review for book 5-7!

First part: book 1-4


Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

There is a door at the end of a silent corridor. And it’s haunting Harry Potter’s dreams. Why else would he be waking in the middle of the night, screaming in terror?

Here are just a few things on Harry’s mind:
• A Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher with a personality like poisoned honey
• A venomous, disgruntled house-elf
• Ron as keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team
• The looming terror of the end-of-term Ordinary Wizarding Level exams

…and of course, the growing threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. In the richest installment yet of J. K. Rowling’s seven-part story, Harry Potter is faced with the unreliability of the very government of the magical world and the impotence of the authorities at Hogwarts.

Despite this (or perhaps because of it), he finds depth and strength in his friends, beyond what even he knew; boundless loyalty; and unbearable sacrifice.

Though thick runs the plot (as well as the spine), readers will race through these pages and leave Hogwarts, like Harry, wishing only for the next train back.

  • It took me months to pick up this book, but once I read it, it took me less than a week to finish it.
  • In this book, we deal more with Harry’s emotional state rather than external things such as the looming threat of Voldemort. Yes, it’s still there, but it mainly manifest in Harry’s guilt of Cedric’s death, restlessness and recklessness, a feel of being ignored, and stubbornness. And yes, of course, the infamous teenage drama and disastrous romance.
  • This book makes Harry’s personality traits at the extreme: his bravery become recklessness, sass become disrespect, and more. I can barely handle Harry in this book, and from what I read in this book, neither other characters.
  • But I’m also 100% sure Harry suffered from PTSD after the Triwizard. Battling Death Eaters at World Cup, Dragons, Merman, and Voldemort himself? Not to mention his friend that got murdered in front of him. I don’t think he had a chance to talk it all out before he got whisked away and ignored throughout the holiday, only to come back with the whole Wizarding World against him and Dumbledore literally icing him out. So yes, I understand his state.
  • This book also cemented Umbridge’s position as the worst, and McGonagall as the best.
  • Not to mention the resistance effort created by the Weasley Twins. Dumbledore’s Army was cool, but it was too obvious. The Twins is less obvious but managed to get under Umbridge and Filch’s skin.
  • AND THAT DEATH IS NOT OKAY. I don’t know which was worse, seeing them acting it all out in the movie, or reading Harry’s thoughts and feelings on the book.
  • @JKR how dare you.
  • It was overall a very enjoyable book, but definitely feel like a filler and set up for the grand finale.

Rating: ✨✨✨.5


Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

The war against Voldemort is not going well; even Muggle governments are noticing. Ron scans the obituary pages of the Daily Prophet, looking for familiar names. Dumbledore is absent from Hogwarts for long stretches of time, and the Order of the Phoenix has already suffered losses.

And yet…

As in all wars, life goes on. Sixth-year students learn to Apparate — and lose a few eyebrows in the process. The Weasley twins expand their business. Teenagers flirt and fight and fall in love. Classes are never straightforward, though Harry receives some extraordinary help from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince.

So it’s the home front that takes center stage in the multilayered sixth installment of the story of Harry Potter. Here at Hogwarts, Harry will search for the full and complex story of the boy who became Lord Voldemort — and thereby find what may be his only vulnerability.

  • Shit finally calms down in this book. Harry should definitely be afraid. 
  • The pacing felt really slow in this book. After all the craziness and subplots in book 5, it felt like a lull and thus, it took me longer to finish this book than book 5.
  • But!!! The last few chapters the pacing got to the extreme and suddenly BAM BAM BAM!!!! Revelations, invasion, and people dying.
  • Yes, that death is also not okay. I think the book is worse, since Harry’s thought is just heartbreaking. Meanwhile, in the movie the slow motion of falling ruins the moment for me.
  • Daniel’s screaming and running kinda made it up tho. But the damage is done.
  • Anyways, I’m glad Harry had some normal teenage drama with less angst in this one. I’m still not processing how Ron and Hermione happened. But the moment when Harry realized it and his own feelings were funny, and very normal in between all the chaos that is his life.
  • And I’m so happy for him to still have this normal and awkward moment!!!
  • Compared to the other books in the series, this book fell in the middle. I guess it has some good moments, but overall it’s just an okay one.

Rating: ✨✨✨.5


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter is preparing to leave the Dursleys and Privet Drive for the last time. But the future that awaits him is full of danger, not only for him, but for anyone close to him – and Harry has already lost so much. Only by destroying Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes can Harry free himself and overcome the Dark Lord’s forces of evil.

In this dramatic conclusion to the Harry Potter series, Harry must leave his most loyal friends behind, and in a final perilous journey find the strength and the will to face his terrifying destiny: a deadly confrontation that is his alone to fight.

This special edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has a gorgeous new cover illustration by Kazu Kibuishi. Inside is the full text of the original novel, with decorations by Mary GrandPré.

We now present the seventh and final installment in the epic tale of Harry Potter.


  • wHOA. This is it, the end of this epic series.
  • I need a moment to process this.
  • I can’t believe it’s done??? Technically, there’s still The Cursed Child.
  • This book has a lot of emotions and subplot to unpack.
  • I’m not sure all the subplots are necessary. From hocrux, hallows, Dumbledore’s family, Harry’s past, a certain somebody’s allegiance, death, war, Draco’s treatment, Regulus, Lupin… it’s a lot. I’m pretty sure not all of them need to be explained in this book.
  • Anyways, after 5 books of nothing, Harry finally felt loads for his parents. It seems like the only time he thought of them was on his first years, when he found out the truth, and on the 7th book, when the end is near. The inbetween years, they were barely mentioned as he was dealing with a lot of things. In this book though, it’s like a dam broke. His loss of guardian, the impossible task he’s doing, the prospect of surviving, and the weight of the wizarding world on his shoulders… I think he finally got the time to yearn and long for the life he could never had.
  • And it broke my heart.
  • Also random, but why do I feel like Harry and Draco is linked as much as Harry and Voldemort is? He ended up winning the Elder through Draco, using Draco’s wand, saving Draco, and being saved by Draco’s mom in return. That’s too much of a coincidence for JKR.
  • SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! I can’t believe my shy babies Neville and Ginny are leader of resistance, Draco small forms of resistance, Percy Weasley come back, and more! Even Colin Creevey, who was initially an annoyance to Harry, prove his bravery and true heart. I feel proud seeing them grow (and died *cries*).
  • Plot holes though: WHY DID THEY NOT HAVE ANY PORTRAITS OF DUMBLEDORE WITH THEM??? It will be so much easier ffs.
  • Overall, while it did not blew me away, it was an epic conclusion and suit the series so much. The epilogue really brings the series to a full circle.

Rating: ✨✨✨✨

Rereading this series really renewed my appreciation and gratitude of being part of the generation that grew up with HP books and movies. JKR is not regarded as the same as she was years ago, but the series will still have a place in everyone’s heart, and I wish its legacy would not be ruined.

That’s it guys! I finally finished my reread! Have you read the books? The movies? Which one do you enjoy more? Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite spell? Biggest plot hole that angers you? Any theories? Favorite books/movies? Let me know everything in the comment below!


11 thoughts on “Rereading Harry Potter⚡✨: Book 5-7

  1. I’m currently doing a re-read as well! I’m on book #3 (which is my favorite) but I’ve never read past book 5, and it was sooooo long ago. Probably when they were first being published. I’m listening to them on audiobook, though, and it’s a really cool experience – Jim Dale is AMAZING at character voices. And I’ve definitely seen all of the movies, but only 5-7 I’ve seen once. The others I’ve seen at least 3 times each. I can’t even say which ones I like more??? Obviously I like seeing the world from inside a book come to life, but at the same time, the books are so much more involved, which is wonderful. I’m pretty sure I just love them both. 😀


    1. I’ve only read book 5-7 twice too (together with this reread) while book 1-4 are at least 3 times already. I guess it’s because the topic gets so much darker, it becomes harder to read :/ I’ve been hearing amazing things about Jim Dale and Stephen Fry, I’m tempted to try the audiobooks 🙂


  2. I started re-reading Harry Potter in September, but I haven’t quite finished. My favorite book in the entire series is The Prisoner of Azkaban. The plot hole that still doesn’t make sense to me after all these years is the wind connection between Harry and Voldemort. The explanation at the end of the Deathly Hallows was quite confusing and made no sense. Wish she would have explained that better.


  3. Gosshh I really need to re-read HP too!! I wish I could but I’m in a severe readiing slump right now 😭
    I’m glad you enjoyed your re-reading experience Tasya!


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