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Today’s post is going to be a non-bookish one. As the title suggest, I decided to celebrate Taylor Swift’s birthday by listing my favorite songs by her!

I never considered myself as a Swiftie, but I do listen to a lot of her songs. In fact, Taylor is my top artist this year according to Spotify, with 2 of her songs are within my top 5 songs this year. And she’s been doing a lot of amazing things lately, from taking back the narrative, standing up against sexual harassment, to selling out stadium tours. Whether you like her or not, you can’t deny that she’s stronger than ever now, and I really admire that.

Taylor already released 6 albums throughout her career, all wildly popular and played everywhere. Her genre also has changed drastically compared from her first debut; she used to be known as a country singer, but now she’s considered as a pop singer. When singer changes their genre, it could lose them some fans and gained them others (for example, I fell off the JB bandwagon when he released his 3rd album, which was drastically different from My World/My World 2.0). Yet there’s something about Ms. Swift’s voice and songwriting skills that made me stick with her after all this time!

Initially, I plan to list around 10 songs only, but as you can see, the list just goes on and on. Her wide range of genre from country to pop means there will ALWAYS be one of her song that fit my mood at all times. As the result, I do have a lot of favorite. The following list is not by order, as it may change depending on what mood I’m in at that time. Yet it is arranged according to her album discography, so if you’re curious about any of those Taylor’s album, feel free to check out the songs mentioned!

Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Image result for taylor swift fearless gif

01. Our Song – Taylor Swift

02. Should’ve Said No – Taylor Swift

03. Crazier – Hannah Montana the Movie

04. Love Story – Fearless

Image result for taylor swift speak now gif

05. Sparks Fly – Speak Now

06. Back to December – Speak Now

07. Story of Us – Speak Now

08. Enchanted – Speak Now

09. Haunted – Speak Now

Image result for taylor swift red gif

10. Red – Red

11. I Knew You Were Trouble – Red

12. All Too Well – Red

13. I Almost Do – Red

14. The Lucky One – Red

Image result for taylor swift 1989 gif

15. Welcome to New York – 1989

16. Style – 1989

17. Wildest Dream – 1989

18. How You Get the Girl – 1989

19. I Know Places – 1989

20. Wonderland – 1989

21. Clean – 1989

Image result for taylor swift reputation gif

22. …Ready for It? – reputation

23. Call It What You Want – reputation

24. I Did Something Bad – reputation

25. Dancing With Our Hands Tied – reputation

I always consider Red as the best album (aren’t we all?). I just love the vibe and the songs, it’s the perfect transition period of country and pop. However, based on this list, on enjoyment scale, it seems like my favorite album is actually 1989! This is actually surprising, because I didn’t really pay attention to it at first 😁

 Do you listen to Taylor Swift? What your favorite album/song released by her?

Feel free to check out my Taylor Swift playlist 🌹



30 thoughts on “Favorite Taylor Swift Song

  1. I LOVE Taylor swift🖤
    She has inspired me so much over the years! Her generosity and attitude is something I adore!
    Definitely I love the album “Red” Especially the song “all too well” she has pit her heart and soul in that song!
    But I think ” Reputation” is her strongest album till date! The songs gives me goosebumps every time I listen to them!
    And it’s great to know that you like her songs as well!
    (Sorry for such a big comment😅, I just love her too much 🖤)


  2. I love Taylor Swift, and her music! I think my favourite album might be Speak Now, just because it was the first one I listened to and I’m in love with it’s fairytale vibe. But I also adore Red, and seeing her on the Red tour was beyond incredible. Great post Tasya!


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