My Favorite MCU Movies

Can you hear that voice? It’s the voice of me screaming in excitement and fear as I’ll see Endgame in 2 DAYS!!!

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While technically Avengers: Endgame will end MCU phase 4, we all can agree that this movie feels like the end of MCU in general. I guess it feels like it symbolizes so much more than the end of a phase. It feels like more of the end of an era, an era where the OG avengers will stay together and they will eventually be replaced by the next generation. I’m SUPER EXCITED to see this movie, but I’m also terrified. At this point, I’d rather just get on with it as my heart can’t handle the theorizing of who’s dying, how they will defeat Thanos and get the dusted ones back, and how it all will end.

In honor for the release of Endgame, today I’m going to talk to you about my top three MCU movies! I know MCU has a lot of movies and it’s going to be hard to pick just three, but turns out, it’s a pretty easy quest for me! So without further ado, let’s see which movies are in my top three list.

Oh, also, spoiler alert for movies I mentioned below. Feel free to skip those you haven’t seen!

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01. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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I mean, this movie is just perfect??? As with other MCU movies, TWS has a lot of humor but they are all on point and balanced. The whole movie, we got this ominous vibe that something bad is coming and this movie delivers the bad things. Your best friend? Resurrected and become a super-assassin. Your institution? Turns out to be made of the things you fought against. This movie took everything Steve Rogers knew and turned it upside down, it’s no wonder he has such a trust issue with the government in CA: CW. Not to mention the action scenes are amazing! Have you seen the elevator fight scene, where Cap fights the SHIELD team??

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You can see how deadly the Winter Soldier is, he shot Fury through Steve’s apartment windows, escape Cap and caught his shield, shot the team inside the car and ripped the steering wheel, shot Nat and almost overwhelmed Cap in hand-to-hand combat… Not to mention the damage he inflicted of SHIELD and the helcarriers. It’s undeniable, he’s a worthy opponent for our dear old cap. Huge applause for Sebastian Stan, he barely had any dialogue but he conveys the emotions through the Soldier’s eyes and mannerism in such a performance!

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TWS is also the movie where the characters are the most on point. Natasha is deadly, but also showed her feminine side. She also portrayed as having human emotions of fear, surprised, and anger, instead of being a super spy that conceal her feelings 24/7. Sam is more than just Cap’s sidekick, he’s loyal af and he showed genuine surprise of someone who’s hunted by the government and super-assassin, it’s both hilarious and endearing. Last but not least, Steve. He’s a man out of time that’s willing to adapt and catching up. He’s still a soldier who follows order, but also has a personal life. And while he’s still our old righteous Steve, he’s not very uptight, pompous and “holier than thou” than he is in Avengers and CA: CW. Maybe because here, he doesn’t have to lead such a large team, but whatever the reason is, I really enjoyed his characterization here.

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Also, HUGE plus points for cap in his stealth suit. This is the best Cap’s suit (and looks), and this is the hill I’m willing to die on.

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02. The Avengers

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Of course this movie is going to be on my list! This is the first MCU movie I watched and the one that plunged me into the rabbit hole.

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It really captivates me as such a ragtag team, filled with such different individuals that clashed a lot (looking at you, Steve and Tony) are tasked to save the world and succeeded at it. And the humor! I’ve never seen this many humor in a superhero movie. From the nicknames, the quips, the shawarma, and the dynamics between the characters, they are just so different from other movies. It’s so refreshing and such a changer, and its proven when others try to copy this iconic team-up and its humor.

As I didn’t watch any previous MCU movies, I didn’t realize what a complex villain Loki was. Seeing how he was treated in Thor, it was no wonder he feels hurt and jealous. And while it doesn’t excuse his behavior, he was never mean. Thus, it brings the question of whether he was brainwashed or forced by other forces. While The Dark Knight Trilogy will always be my favorite heroes movie, I’m glad I give in to the hype with The Avengers!

03. Spiderman: Homecoming

When I found out Spidey was 14 in this movie and about to get his own movie, I was skeptical because… isn’t he too young?? But Homecoming proves to be a pleasant surprise for me, bringing another fresh air in the midst of saturated MCU movie with its young-ness.

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I mean, none of the heroes are high school student, trying to ace his test, win a competition, and ask his long-time crush for a date, right? Tom Holland’s Peter is also so naive and gullible, it’s pretty endearing. He’s also such a child, full of wonder and energy and enthusiasm! Not to mention, he also struggling to beat the hero complex all heroes have. While it’s something all heroes have, new heroes tend to have it the hardest as failure will hit them harder and Peter is no exception. Thus, this movie is a perfect blend of a rom-com and marvel movie.

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Of course I can’t forget to mention his dynamics with Tony Stark! On one side, Peter is starstruck and ecstatic to be mentored by his idols, in and outside his hero duties. But on the other side, of course Peter would feel like Tony is being dismissive of him and try to limit his Spidey moves. It’s an interesting dynamic and I love how they developed in the movie.

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So that’s my top 3 favorite movies! Tell me, are you excited for Endgame? What are your favorite MCU movies?



4 thoughts on “My Favorite MCU Movies

  1. AHHH! I’m so excited and nervous for Endgame! It really is an end of an era, and I feel like it’s going to be an amazing film, but there’s almost definitely going to be some very sad moments.
    And Winter Soldier is definitely up there with my favorites too. Everything just worked…there was high stakes, a huge twist, and some amazing fight scenes, but it still had loads of humour in it, and I totally agree that all the characters were on point in this film. So good! I haven’t watched it in ages though, so that’s one I’d definitely love to rewatch at some point soon. Great post! 🙂


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