April 2019 Screen Rambles // All the Dysfunctional Fictional Family


Welcome to another edition of Screen Rambles! In case you’re new to this blog or not know what is this series about, Screen Rambles is where I talked about all the shows and movies I’ve watched in the previous month in details. In short, this is where I ramble about them.

The Umbrella Academy

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After all the hype, memes, analysis, and jokes I’ve seen about this show, I finally give The Umbrella Academy a go! This show tells the story of 7 adopted siblings with special powers (except for the 7th one). They were trained to be a team of superheroes, but they are pretty dysfunctional as a family. They were reunited with their father’s death and some family secrets come spilling out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the story as much as I expected to. I found the pacing is really weird? It’s suuuuper slow, but at the same time, things were happening. Well, small things that’s enough to keep my interest. But I still almost stop watching around episode 3. I really like the quirky vibe and humor of the show though.

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While I enjoyed most of the characters (is it a surprise that I love Klaus to pieces??), I really don’t like Vanya. Initially, I was fine with her as Hargreeves did treated her unfairly. But as the show goes on, she really gets on my nerve. She’s whiny and can’t see past herself. In the last arc of the show, she can’t see the reason why everyone did what they did and harmed others.

The show ended in a cliffhanger, so I’m definitely going to watch the second season. However, if the pacing and some characters have no improvement, I don’t think I can finish the season.

Game of Thrones

Another dysfunctional family on this list! *cough Targaryens* By the time this post is written (and posted), GoT will already finished its final season so I figure I’ll review the whole season here.

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Well, well. What a mess. I spent 8 years of my life and 2 years of waiting for this ending.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the first 3 episodes of the season. But the last 3 was an utter mess.

  • It used to took a whole season to get to a plot point for a characters, but now there are like, 5 plots that need to be closed. It just felt so rushed.
  • This pacing affect the overall characters’ arc in the final season. What I love with GoT is how most of the characters are multifaceted. Except for Joffrey and Ramsay, none of the characters are truly bad. There are none that truly good either. Most of them always straddling the line between good and evil, Daenerys Targaryen is no exception. She has done good and bad things, but the good always overwhelm the bad. And then suddenly she did that with no reason???? Arya Stark always looking for a family and that’s the perfect ending for her? Jon is back to square one? WHAT IS THIS
  • I like the ending of who’s ending up on the Iron Throne. It took me while but I think they’re the best choice.

Props to the cast who still act the hell of out the script they are given. But the writing sucks. I really don’t get why we don’t get more seasons??? GoT is one of the most popular shows, the viewers have invested so many time for this show that we will watch this through, even if it takes 2 more seasons. And it makes money for HBO, so they would want to fund it. So why don’t we get more season???

Avengers: Endgame

And finally, our favorite dysfunctional found family: The Avengers!

I was initially worried about of how they are going to pull this off because there’s just so much characters involved and there are so many ways the story could go wrong. I watched it twice on the opening day, and I’m happy to say it was so satisfying!

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While yes, this book is about defeating Thanos and undoing the snap, it’s obvious that the highlight in this movie is the relationship between the characters. We have the dynamics between OG6, Tony with Rhodey, Pepper, and more, Nebula & Rocket, Bruce & Thor, and more. This book is the perfect send-off movie for the originals, as it focuses a lot on their dynamics and contain lots of callback from the previous movies. Not to mention, their own credit… it was beautiful and definitely made me cry.

I know a lot of people are conflicted about the ending, but I think it was a fitting one for Tony. As for Steve, I’m also unsure. On one side, it was perfect as he can’t seem to move on. But on the other side, it’s pretty selfish (albeit, well deserving) for such a selfless guy. Nat was truly heartbreaking, I cried so bad when I watch it.

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The time travelling concept was a mess though, so much confusion and disagreement, let’s just not get into that 😂

Idk how many people already watch the movie so that’s all I can say, but honestly, I’m just grateful at how it was 💜

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What did you watch in the month of April? How did you feel on Endgame and Season 8 of GoT?



14 thoughts on “April 2019 Screen Rambles // All the Dysfunctional Fictional Family

  1. It is not odd that you love Klaus… Klaus is the lovable dysfunctional.

    Game of Thrones punked out but that is because they got ahead of the books and they were pulling the dialogue straight from the books. The seasons got shorter and shorter and they couldn’t keep going because they couldn’t write the same quality of dialogue. They never answered why the weights were so connected to Bran. They left a ton of things out there. Jon’s parentage which was this HUGE deal ended up not meaning anything. And who is Greyworm to dictate anything. And I loved him but who does he think he is??! I just don’t get it.

    As for End Game… oh my. That movie was just an emotional wrecking ball for me. The time travel thing you just have to suspend disbelief. Like you pointed out, this was about the characters, the relationships etc… the time travel was just a vehicle for the movie. You just have to buy-in to that part. The rest was brilliant.


    1. I think that’s what happened too, but can’t they consult GRRM or a test audience or something? It’s just such a rushed, nonsensical mess 😦 Hm yeah, I do enjoy the movie more once I stopped obsessing and debating with my friends what the time travel actually mean for the future of the universe xD


      1. You know I’m not sure what happened with GRRM. Part of me wonders if he did it on purpose and is suddenly going to drop his book or maybe he’s just like George Harrison and lazy? Lol. I’m not sure.

        As for End Game…exactly.. it isnt what the movie is about in the end. It is just a vehicle for the movie to happen 🙂


  2. Out of all three dysfunctional families I’m currently only caught up with GoT so my comment will be on that alone. Lol

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said, and just want to point out my disappointment in the fact that they’ve revealed the biggest secret of the entire series and didn’t build up on it at the end. That was a bit if a kick in face to the said character I think…


  3. I loved End Game, though I blubbered hard core … it was a disaster ha-ha! There are a few things that bothered me plot wise, but overall I did enjoy it and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the other Marvel Films.

    I actually LOVED Umbrella Academy, but I totally get what you mean. There wasn’t enough action for me, so I hope they work on that for season 2. Klaus is just … I JUST LOVE HIM! I could’ve done with more Klaus time ha-ha. I actually liked Vanya’s character. When looking into her character development, I wasn’t shocked with the turn of events. Not that I’m saying her actions are justified, but her being taken off the medication that she’s been forced to consume since she was a child and then slowly reawakening to these powers made her “turn” more realistic. I actually really disliked the way she was treated throughout the show … again, they were all kids once upon a time, but those early years are SO important for a child’s development … this is the psychology part of me talking … sorry ha-ha!

    I really love seeing all these diverse opinions about Vanya and the other characters! The discussions have been awesome and I liked seeing your point about her later arc bothering you (which I do agree with).

    Great post!!


      1. I still can’t even watch the end without crying lol!! And yeah … I feel like I’m the minority with her character, but I actually really felt for her. And Klaus … seriously, NO ONE seems to care for him!!! Well, it got better later on.


  4. I haven’t seen any of those three yet even though I’ve currently started watching Game of Thrones but I’m only up to season two so far and I’ve been wanting to watch Endgame but haven’t really ventured to the Cinemas yet to watch it, and it’s like 3 hours long isn’t it?


  5. So glad to hear all your thoughts on Endgame! It wasn’t perfect and there were definitely quite a lot of plot holes here and there, but it was still so entertaining! I actually loved the ending and part of me is glad that Cap finally took a selfish decision, as he’s always been so much about saving everyone else. I’m truly excited to see more of this new era of Captain America, especially when we think that he’s now going to be a black man! I’m looking forward to what’s next on the Marvel Universe for the rest of the cast!


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