Another Bookstagram Accounts You Should Follow: Vibrant, Peachy Vibe for Spring/Summer

summer bookstagram recommendations

Hi guys, how is it going? 🌺 

I’ve been really busy and ~kinda~ absent from the community, so I figure today I’ll drop by with some quick and fun post! I always love posts that recommends about their favorite bookstagram accounts; back when I first started blogging, I used to do this a lot but I fell out of habit. I made it my goal this year to get back to this habit and I think this type of post will be a really fun one to welcome summer!

I don’t know when summer actually starts in the western hemisphere, but it seems like when June comes, everyone is so ready to put on their vibrant clothing and run down to the beach. While some may hate the heat and the sands (ahem…), there’s no denying that summer is a fun one, with all the trips, hit songs, games, and burst of colors. To honor this vibe, the aesthetic I will feature in this post is vibrant and/or peachy warm theme.

somekindofalibrary 💦


inquisitivebookworm 💦


simoneandherbooks 💦


booknerd_reads 💦


bookpairings 💦


_myfictionalworld 💦


layoversandliterature 💦


Click here for the PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 of this post!

I hope you guys enjoyed it and found some new accounts to follow! Tell me, what’s your bookstagram aesthetics? 🌺 


16 thoughts on “Another Bookstagram Accounts You Should Follow: Vibrant, Peachy Vibe for Spring/Summer

  1. I love so many of these accounts! I just followed a few of them that I wasn’t already following. I love these posts sharing instagram accounts you love, you should totally do some more!


  2. I love closeup covers with a background and a prop. I rarely do ones with my body in them. I love these though. Some Kind of Library is so bright and I just love that look. Now I’m off to follow the ones that I loved!! Thank you so much for sharing these. I’m always on the lookout for Instagram accounts to follow. ❤️


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