June 2019 Screen Rambles // A bunch of Korean movies


Welcome to another edition of Screen Rambles! In case you’re new to this blog or not know what is this series about, Screen Rambles is where I talked about all the shows and movies I’ve watched in the previous month in details. In short, this is where I ramble about them.

Soo while I didn’t read a lot last month, the 10 days national holiday provided me with a lot of time to catch up with my family. Plus, the cable provider opened ALL channel for free during the holiday- one of the channel they opened was TvN movies, so I’ve been watching a lot of korean movies 😁

The Pirates

Image result for the pirates korean movie gif

I’ve loved Kim Nam-Gil since I watched him as Bidam in The Great Queen Seondeok. My mom was in the mood for some sageuk, so I decided to watch this movie and surprise! There he is. It’s been a while, but he still has his charm and acting style.

This movie is set during the start of the Joseon era, when the Emperor of China gave the name and imperial seal of the newly-made Joseon. Sadly, the seal wasn’t delivered safely and ended up being swallowed by a whale. Two group of pirates then raced to find the seal, save the official’s face and save the fate of the kingdom.

It’s not exactly the sageuk my mom imagined, I think she preferred one with beautiful dresses and court intrigue. But she still enjoyed it! As you can imagine, this movie is full of laughs and crazy shenanigans. I think it has Pirates of the Caribbean vibes, but it has less romance and more Korean culture. This one was definitely a pleasant surprise and a great way to start the month!

Miss Granny

Image result for miss granny gif

This one is just a definite feel good movie. Miss Granny was so popular in Korea, several countries actually work together with the production house to remake this movie in their country. Indonesia is one of them, and we really enjoyed watching the movie in the theater!

This one tells a story of this old lady, who after all the struggle, managed to raise her only son into a successful person (the career paths different in each movie). As the result, she was so proud of him, but also treat others badly, especially for her daughter-in-law, who the grandma often criticizes. This caused conflict within the household that eventually caused them have to sent the grandma into a senior house. Distraught, the grandma runaway and found this mysterious photo studio that ended up reversing her appearance back 50 years. Chaos and hilarity ensues as we have this pretty young girl with all the grandma mannerism, hairstyle, fashion sense, and cutting tongue!

I can’t say much about the enjoyment level because, well, it’s as enjoyable as the first time I watched it! The plot is exactly similar, the only difference is the pop culture and cultural depiction within the movie. I think it’s the perfect movies for those who wanted to start on watching korean movies!

Memories of the Sword

Image result for memories of the sword gif

Another sageuk, this time starring one of my favorite Korean actor, Lee Byung Hun!

Unfortunately, this one is my least favorite out of the bunch. I won’t tell you the plot because I think it’s too convoluted, but it’s basically about love, betrayal, and revenge. I hate the way they go back and forth all the time, giving us too small details and barely moving forward in the present. I also think it’s just too dramatic and boring in general.


Image result for grease gif

My favorite “old” movie, and also my mom’s! This one is just a feel good rewatch, it just feel nostalgic (even though I wasn’t even born then lol) and also provide a lot of talking materials with my mom 😁

Along with the Gods 1-2

Image result for along with the gods gif

Another rewatch! Still as good as the first time, I think I watched each movie another four times during the 10 day period 😂 Can’t wait for the 3rd movie which will probably start shooting after D.O’s military service sigh!

Dark Phoenix

Image result for dark phoenix gif

Let’s cut to the chase: I think this one could be a decent movie if only it was released before Captain Marvel and Endgame. Let’s just face it, they set the bar really high and after Apocalypse (and the news of Fox buy-in), I think the hype died out.

I love this reiteration of X-men, mainly because of McAvoy and Fassbender, but because of how young the X-men was, it feels more relateable for me. This movie was not as bad as the review made it out to be, but it didn’t live up to First Class or DoFP. The villain was weak af, there is no continuity, and there are many unsolved plot holes. Oh also, I think McAvoy was shooting Glass so his characters kinda bleed into this movie and it’s just weird to see a muscular Professor X 😶

But the character dynamics are awesome (no, I’m not talking about Cherik exclusively). I think instead of making Apocalypse, they should make Dark Phoenix a two part movie because tbh, as much as I love Sophie Turner, we didn’t know her Jean Grey long enough to care for her. And just because Apocalypse was terrible. The dynamics between Scott and Jean are really good here, as well as Beast and Charles. I also love the train fighting sequence and of course, the ending!

This one is an unrelated critic, but I’ve seen so many decent superhero movies got panned because “it’s not funny”. I mean, why are we expecting everything to have MCU-kind of humor??? Not everything has to be funny, it gets boring you know. Give me something dark (BvS actually worked except for that cursed Martha scene), something like The Dark Knight. Stop rating movies unfairly just because it doesn’t fit the mainstream success plot MCU has created.

What did you watch in June?


15 thoughts on “June 2019 Screen Rambles // A bunch of Korean movies

  1. I haven’t watched any Korean movies before but The Pirates sounds super cool. I was going to watch Dark Phoenix but after all the bad reviews, I decided against it. Darker-themed movies are a personal favorite of mine, so I am disappointed that it seems to be a let-down. I did finally watch Captain Marvel though and thought that it was WAY better than people were making it out to be.


  2. I really love Grease – it’s such a fun movie, and one you can always sing along to! I also loved the live Grease movie with Vanessa Hudgens – it stayed pretty true to the original, I felt. I don’t think I watched a lot of things in June – I went to see Aladdin, and found it really entertaining, and I was also rewatching One Day at a Time episodes for fun. I’m so glad it was picked up again, it being cancelled made me so sad.


  3. I prefer Chinese and Japanese series/movies over Korean ones, just because I like listening to those languages more, but Korean films always have fantastic props and costumes!

    I also saw Dark Phoenix when it came out, and I agree that we don’t really get enough time to really get attached to Jean’s character, which is probably why I was about 0% invested in the movie. 😅 And yes, the villain was so weak and had zero personality. At some point I was just watching it for my teenhood crush on Nicolas Hoult. 😂

    ❤ Aimee @ Aimee, Always


  4. I haven’t been to the cinema in ages! The last one I watched was Avengers Endgame I think (and before that, Captain Marvel). Both were pretty enjoyable 🙂 As for shows, I’m really digging Revenge (an oldie).
    Great post, Tasya!


    1. Yeah, a lot of east-Asia movies tend to be about their history. I always love watching them though, maybe because I am a history nerd 😀 They also have some cool action movies and their rom-coms, even though it can get very cheesy, can also be very heartwarming 🙂


  5. okay girl you totally convinced me of Along with the Gods!!! I think that gif totally kills and I am so excited to go see what its about but I almost don’t care. I hope I can find it somewhere to watch because YAY D.O. too?! ❤️ Thanks for sharing these. I don’t get to Korean movies as much as I’d like.


  6. I adore Grease! I have such a soft spot for 70s/80s teen movies, and this one is really up there with Ferris Bueller and Breakfast Club. There’s also a local production coming up soon and one of my best friends is going to be Sandy, so I am super excited about that!


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