What makes me love a cover? (+ favorite 2019 covers!)

2019 favorite covers

Hello everyone!

Recently, a t10w topic about favorite 2019 covers really attracted my attention. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m easily attracted by pretty covers so imagine how happy am I to read countless posts with all the pretty covers! 😍

However, it also made me realize that there are several type of covers that I gravitate more than others. Obviously, cover trends change from time to time so it made me wonder whether it’s just the trend or I’m always drawn to the same thing. And turns out, I did! There are some design that always attracted my attention:


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The Devouring Gray // Ruse // Aphrodite Made Me Do It

Who can resist the bright lights, especially because they’re always paired with dark background. It’s such a BAM in your face kind of design.

Illustration with bold colors

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Hello Girls // The Kingdom // Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee

I love illustrated covers and I’m so happy to see the shift from real pictures photographs (which were the trend in the early 00’s books) to illustrations. Especially if they are using bold and contrasting colors!

Dark with gold or silver accents

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Winterwood // Serpent & Dove

I can’t resist black covers in any form, but I love it even more when they are paired with gold or silver! It’s just the best cover combination, especially for books about magic.

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You might also notice there’s a recurring theme with the covers I picked: all of them has blue/purple element 💙💜 I actually love all colors, it’s just I have different preference for shades within the color (for example, lavender is my favorite shade of purple). But blue, purple, and red just always been my go-to favorite colors, so it’s no wonder my choice of covers also reflect it.

What attracts you to book covers? What are your favorite 2019 covers?


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