More Bookstagram Accounts to follow: Cozy and Warm for Autumn

autumn bookstagram recommendation

Welcome to another edition of my bookstagram recommendations!

I honestly have no intention of making this recommendation posts a seasonal routine, but I guess I unconsciously did? I was scrolling through my camera roll and realized that the recent accounts I’ve been frequently visiting fill the fall vibe: cozy and warm, with some darker tones here and there.

Again, I don’t have autumn in my country, but I love the ~spooky~ vibe everyone seems to have around the month! So without further ado, give these accounts some love!

bookish_mai πŸ‚


sabrinafelizitas πŸ‚


devourerofstories πŸ‚


talesfortay πŸ‚


sarahschapter πŸ‚


thedarklingone πŸ‚


estherthreetimes πŸ‚


I hope you guys enjoyed it! Do you have a bookstagram account? If you do, do you have a consistent theme or change them depending on the season?


11 thoughts on “More Bookstagram Accounts to follow: Cozy and Warm for Autumn

  1. I have so much love for fall-themed accounts. I already follow some of your recs, because they’re so inspiring and calming. I do have an instagram account (reveriesociety_), and I’m actually trying to give it this kind of cozy vibe. Maybe because I don’t get autumn in my country either XD So kinda trying to at least have some of it in my feed.


  2. Oooh what neat accounts! Thanks for sharing Tasya. β™₯️ I tried the seasonal theme thing and I can’t get it to work for me πŸ™ˆ so I love following accounts that get it right. My theme tends to be centered on each book. I love different back grounds and have done casual β€œaround the place” theme lately.


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