June 2020 Screen Rambles // The one where I gushed about ATLA


Welcome to another edition of Screen Rambles! In case you’re new to this blog or not know what is this series about, Screen Rambles is where I talked about all the shows and movies I’ve watched in the previous month in details. In short, this is where I ramble about them.

June was a pretty good movie month for me, but I re-watch ATLA at the end of the month and it’s just AMAZING. I’ll be screaming about it down below so let’s just get started!

American Hustle

Amazon.com: American Hustle Movie Poster 24 x 36 Inches (Thick ...

I watched this for Christian Bale after watching TDK on loop late May, but ended up not liking the story and stayed for Amy Adams. It’s just different from what I like, the beginning was super meh for me but the middle until the end was good (and a bit sad tbh). The ending was perfect though.

Ocean’s 12

oceans 12 I love the awesome plans they have and how it's only at ...

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite out of the whole trilogy because it’s just so fun, smart, and funny! Now that they already have experience together, their dynamics are even closer to found family now who said they aren’t found family already. I love how we get to know Rusty more and this time it’s him that’s floundering because of romance 😂 I also love how Julia Roberts got more role here, it’s hilarious! Toulour also reminds me of Kaito Kid/Arsene Lupin, which are my favorite fictional thieves so that’s another win!


Amazon.com: Movie Posters Zodiac 11 x 17: Posters & Prints

I know this movie is long, but I didn’t realize it would be THAT long. Seriously, how did I sit through Endgame twice???

Anyways, I think the first half of the movie was exactly what I expected. It was fast-paced, frantic, and suspenseful effort of deciphering and capturing the Zodiac killer. I couldn’t finish the last one hour of the movie though because the tension just kinda fizzled out and it became more of a personal story rather than intriguing mystery.

Also, this movie made me realize how RDJ is a typecast for arrogant, eccentric characters 😶

Now You See Me 2

Now You See Me 2 - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

I forgot how fun, magical, and how much I enjoyed Now You See Me until I watch its sequel. I miss Isla Fisher and while I’m unsure of Lula at first, I’m ended up really enjoying her character! Still not sure on the romance though. BUT! The movie itself is confident and just pure magic and showmanship to watch. Again, I love the found family trope and this movie has it with the horsemen and Dylan. The magic is just… magic. Basically, it’s just super fun and I love it so much!

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service #Kiki's #Delivery #service #studio #ghibli ...

This movie is high on my Ghibli to-watch list because how warm this movie looks and I’m not wrong! This is by far my favorite Ghibli movie, it’s just so soft and calming and more… grounded compared to other movies. Yes Kiki is still a witch, but the themes of coming of age, finding independence, making friends, and the more realistic setting makes it more closer to me compared to the others. It’s just so comforting 💙

First Wives Club

The First Wives Club 1996 D/S Advance Rolled Movie Poster 27x40 at ...

Another win for this month! When I read the synopsis and watch first few minutes of the movie, I knew it will be a favorite of mine. This movie tells the story of three friends, all divorcées, who seek revenge on their ex-husbands for having left them for younger women.

The beginning was a bit somber but the movie picks up immediately when the friends are reunited and I LOVE their dynamics! It’s just…. they seem to never change from their college selves, you know? And the fact that they turn their anger into this brilliant plan to of revenge is just 👏👏👏 They all just so easy to root for and it’s HILARIOUS. The fact that I watched this with my mom also helped- she doesn’t really understand since the subs are in English (basically netflix is blocked in my country and I have to use VPN hence the english subs) so I have to tell her what’s happening while watching, but she loved the movie too. We had a great time and it’s just lovely.

Inglourious Basterds

Amazon.com: Inglourious Basterds Poster E 27x40 Brad Pitt Diane ...

Well… this is a disappointment. The plot is unique and I love Bridget and Shoshanna, but I did not get the humor and the gore and the point 😬 It was another long movie too and it felt long.

At least I love the ending.

Ant-Man & The Wasp

Ant-Man and The Wasp - One Sheet Poster | Sold at Europosters

This one is a pleasant surprise because it’s so fun and refreshing! Scott is such a refreshing superhero in which he has no “saving the world” tendencies, he just want to be a good dad but everyone keeps roping him into this superhero shit 😦 I love the humor and the banter, Paul Rudd does have range in comedy (I love that scene where he got possessed and the boat scene haha) but I do find the villain(s) VERY weak. The Ghost was not sympathetic enough and honestly the other one feels very comical, unecessary, and not worth remembering.

Ant-Man and the Wasp discovered by Aʟᴇʏɴᴀ on We Heart It

Avatar: The Last Airbender (SPOILERY RAMBLES)

Pin di Tempat untuk dikunjungi

Last thing I watch this month, but definitely the best and most memorable!

First, it’s been so long! I think it was airing in 2005-2008 in Indonesia, so I was 7 (!!!) when I first watch it. It was dubbed then, but I think the voice actor did a great job because their voice is really similar with the original Nick dubbing I’m watching now so it’s not weird at all. The weird thing is that in my country, it’s called Avatar: The Legend of Aang instead of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I always thought the latter is just an American thing (like the whole metric system) so yeah I’m surprised to know that it is the original title 😂 The acronym for both is still ATLA, but I have some tumblr-tag clean up to do soon.

What surprised me the most is that my sister never watch the series! Me and my mom talked about it so much so she got the gist of it, but she never watched it because she was too young then. So she joined me on the rewatch and it was an amazing, memorable time. We laugh, cry, theorized, and stayed up late together. And she loved it!! She asked me to watch Korra immediately (both of us haven’t watch it) and told me we should do a rewatch soon.

Aang Firebending GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Watching it as a kid (7 years old) and then watching it now (22 years old) made me realize how young the characters are and the showed depicted this really well. From the jokes and humor, from how bright and optimistic they are, and from how the dynamics of the group change to a bit more mature and sober when Zuko joined them (he’s the oldest, knows Ozai’s cruelty the best, and generally the more serious member of the group). Lately, I’ve been having this “they are so young” moment when I’m rewatching or rereading old series and it makes me really sad because a) they’re a kid, they shouldn’t have to have the burden of the world and war shoved on them b) it hits really hard that there are children right now who’s childhood and innocence being robbed by war like this fictional gAang and c) I miss the childhood nostalgia this series brings because I’ll continue to age where the characters are frozen in time 😢

The last one may be a bit weird especially since we know what happen to most of the gaang in LOK but yeah.

Watching it when I’m older also made me more aware of the jokes made, the youthfulness this series has, and the running themes of colonialism, abuse, and war this series has. The entire reason of “spreading greatness” the Fire Nation has and the difference of the reality of what they are doing really mirrors the sentiment real colonialism has on their colony; instead of greatness, colonizers are sucking the colonies dry. The gAang journey, while can feel like a filler sometimes, let us see the realities of war through the eyes of the peasant, the people who are affected the most by war. We see how it robs children on their childhood, the dangerous road refugees have to travel, and how their new life still might not be kind to them. We learned of how abuse and brainwashing can affect a child through Zuko and Azula stories. It’s just…. there are so many heavy themes here that explored brilliantly, I’m just in awe with the reality that this series is aimed for children.

tumblr_njmb2augHp1ttojn5o5_250.gif (245×183) | Avatar airbender ...

It goes without saying that I love all the gAang equally. I love Aang and his contagious giddy, exuberant personality. Katara’s determination and fierceness, but also soft motherhenning and wit. Sokka’s humor and joy, as well as his resourcefulness, bravery, and just in general awe at how good of a strategist he is. Toph with her strong, kind, loving personality. Appa and Momo for their lovable personalities.

I miiiight love Zuko a liiiitle bit more than the other, but considering a) the abuse he’s been through and still being kind and want to do better 🥺🥺🥺 b) the fact that he has THE BEST redemption arc of ever (Jamie Lannister and Kylo Ren, you’re almost there but failed spectacularly in the final arc) and c) he’s one of my first ever fictional crush (second to Kaitou Kid), I think it’s okay. It’s pretty obvious he is one of the main character and he will join gAang from the beginning because his journey always matches Aang? It’s just…. very obvious now haha. I even would argue that he seems to be the MAIN character because despite the story about Aang’s journey, during the 3 seasons we learn more about Zuko’s past, motives, and turmoil compared to Aang’s.

You know what nvm the crush is back with a vengeance.

I have conflicting thoughts on Iroh though. I love his softness, compassion, humor, wisdom, and his belief in Zuko. But on the other hand… his reluctance to took the throne for himself and his inaction means he’s also supporting the Fire Nation even though he didn’t actively act on it- and that’s only after Lu Ten. And the fact that he lets 16 year old taking the throne to a country that instigated war and genocide and sure will faced a lot of animosity from inside (Zuko is considered a traitor and a lot of people supported the war) and outside (like if you think the other nations will accept peace easily…), will have to get rid of pro-war and pro-Ozai supporters from his inner circle, repurposing the army, budget revision, and more, after abuse, war, and being struck by lightning 😒 Like Iroh could take the throne for a few years before retire as interim fire-lord or maybe as advisor, helping with the incoming political shit-fest that’s going to happen and guide the gAang in their role after the war. But instead he went back to Ba Sing Se and I’m not sure about Iroh.

Watching it now also made me realize more things. I noticed how waterbending moves are similar with tai chi (when I was a kid there was a brief period where I join tai chi practice as waterbending), but in this rewatch I notice how Zuko’s firebending (the rest of firebenders have this more rigid, militaristic approach) has elements of capoeira. I am also more aware of how fire nation is inspired by chinese and korean culture, from the outfits to the palace that resembles the Forbidden City, and Ursa’s wedding hairdo and gown (in the graphic novel). The soundtrack and animation are without a doubt, the BEST in animation series. 

I wish season 3 wouldn’t be so rushed though, another episodes would be fine I guess (making it 25 episodes for book 3). I wish we got more adventure types of episode, because it felt really rushed how they accept Zuko- like it’s HARD to see him literally gave his heart on a silver platter and got rejected and doused in water and he had to go on life changing trips with the gAang but it still felt a bit fast, you know? They knew he changed but they never seem to know (or care) about the WHY and it’s just such a missed opportunity. It’s clear they rushed this plot because instead of letting the group dynamic grows organically, each of them went on the so-called “life changing field trip”. It’s also obvious of the rushed pacing with how Aang suddenly get “good” at earth and firebending and how we didn’t have any “relaxing episodes” of wandering around the kingdom doing scams, riding kois, etc. I also feel like Azula and Zuko’s Agni Kai is the best battle in the series and it overshadows final showdown between Aang and Ozai. I mean, the whole finale is awesome but the strength of their power and the music just show the tragic situation Azula and Zuko found themselves in.

Also, Azula is apparently 14 in the series???? She’s definitely a prodigy but they are all so young. But speaking of Azula, watching her descend to madness in the final episodes reminded me of a certain Targaryen! Not the whole “ruling through fear” part, but on how losing their closest companions are the tipping point for them.

Avatar: The Last Airbender vs Game of Thrones | The last airbender ...
whoever made this chart…. 100% ACCURATE

And finally, the ships! Before, I always ship Zutara because in my kiddie mind, Aang was a child and Katara and Zuko were soooo mature, they just makes sense. In this rewatch though… I just ship every ships 😍😭😅 Soka and Suki is a given, they’re just so cute!!! But for the rest… I ship Kataang, because their development just makes sense and THERE despite Aang being 12 and all 🥺 The end scene is just perfect, when they look at each other and kiss and the music just SWELLS!!!!!!!!!

Feels GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The ending sequence is one I rewatch a lot and I swear I still get teary when Avatar’s Love started to play 🥺🥺🥺

I ship Zutara, because they physically makes sense, I love how they both care for Aang (yes I know the Zutaang exists), they’re both fearless, passionate, and determined, and I love that enemy to lovers dynamics 😉 I ship Maiko, because it’s clear how much they love each other from how they open up and gave up each other 🥺 It’s the holy trinity of shipping wars but I ship them all 😂

Seriously though, has anyone notice how Zuko just has chemistry with everyone??? Katara, Mai, Toph (who he interacted for only second half of season and not all episodes) and even Suki??? Even Aang and Sokka??? Zuko is really THAT bitch huh.

My favorite episodes are:

  • S01E07-08: The Winter Solstice // I love the fire sages, the interior of the temple, and badass Roku appearance!

Tumblr: Image

  • S01E19-20: The Siege of the North // It’s just beautiful, sad, exhilarating. All hail Koizilla!

ATLA Review : The Siege Of the North, Part 2 | Cartoon Amino

  • S02E05: The Avatar Day // It’s just fun and lighthearted, we got to meet Kyoshi in person and get to know her more

Kyoshi GIFs | Tenor

  • S02E08: The Chase // Badass Azula, the gAang being together even though they don’t know it yet!

ATLA: Book Two - MANIA Episode 6 | Fandom

  • S02E15: The Tales of Ba Sing Se // Who doesn’t love this??? And who doesn’t cry, SOBS, for Iroh here???

tales of iroh | Tumblr

  • S03E08: The Puppetmaster // Yes Hama is evil but she’s also such a badass for finding out about bloodbending and using it to escape??? Also, Katara’s skill has grown a lot here!

the puppetmaster | Tumblr

  • S03E13: The Firebending Masters // The dragon dance sequence is breathtaking but I love how sibling-like and normal Aang and Zuko are in this episode :’)

Avatar: The Last Airbender now you did it... | Avatar airbender ...

  • S03E17: The Ember Island Players // It’s a fun filler episode!

The best moments from

  • S03E18-21: Sozin’s Comet // It’s EPIC and such a perfect finale! THE AGNI KAI!!!! Liberation of Ba Sing Se!!!! The energy bending!!! Sokka, Suki and Toph destroying Fire Nation’s fleet!!! tHE AGnI kAI!!!!!

Last Agni Kai #Zuko #Azula #Gif | Avatar airbender, Avatar zuko ...

prince zuko gifs | WiffleGif

RIP space sword though, you will be missed.


MasterChef Australia 12: Back To Win (2020) | Corner Café

  • Masterchef Australia season 12: I’m glad this show is back because I forgot how much I love and find happiness with this show! I feel like Masterchef AU is the best because everyone is just so positive and friendly. The contestants are always friendly with each other, none of them made snide or angry remarks. Same with the judges, even if the contestants screw up, they just look disappointed but never once raise their voice or throw dishes around. And everyone just jokes around and really happy and it’s clear that they’re there because they are passionate about cooking!

Anyways this is also me and my mom thing, we always watch the show together and since this is the season where past contestants came back to try to win the title, we got even more excited because so! many! familiar! faces! We are definitely happy to see Khan, Reynold, and Callum back in the game and can’t wait in general on how they will compete!

Oh this season also have new judges and while I miss the OG team that was Matt, George, and Gary, I can see Jock, Melissa and Andy are getting comfortable with each other and finding their dynamics.

Are you going to watch the show Girl from Nowhere on Netflix? - Quora

  • Girl From Nowhere: This is a thailand series my sister watched with me, about a mysterious girl who showed up in a different school and wreck havoc by exposing someone’s deepest, darkest tendencies. The first episode was really solid, but as the story goes it got weirder and more forced. I stopped watching in episode 3 or 4 because I couldn’t understand what’s going on or the point of the story.

I find it similar with k-drama Nightmare High, but also not really? In Nightmare High, these dark sides of students already present from the beginning but in Girl From Nowhere, our main character often provokes the appearance of this dark side on purpose without any clear intention except pettiness and malice. It’s really weird tbh and not the direction of story that I like.


  • I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in The House: I am super excited to watch this one but it ended up being really slow paced, boring, and confusing.

What did you watch in June? Have you watch ATLA? Tell me your favorite characters, episodes, theories, and more!



9 thoughts on “June 2020 Screen Rambles // The one where I gushed about ATLA

  1. I also re-watched ATLA back in May and I agree with everything you said!! When I watched it as a kid, all I care and remember is how cool bending is, but re-watching it definitely made me realize more about the social issue and the characters development (and yes, Zuko’s redemption arc is the best). Also, I’m glad I found someone who agree that Zuko and Azula’s battle >>> Aand and Ozai’s battle haha. How they mute the sound of the battle and use a music instead made it a masterpiece.


  2. I haven’t seen American Hustle but I would watch Amy Adams read out the ingredients of a can of soup, I love her so much 🥰 Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of my favourite Ghibli movies too! I love the sweet and warm Ghibli movies a lot more than the more emotionally heavy ones (but I do still enjoy those too) 😊


  3. The Ant Man movies are definitely some of my favorites when I need something funny and lighthearted to watch! Also I’ve heard so many great things about Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I’d love to check it out someday. 😀


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