Top 5 Wednesday #52: Unanswered Questions


It’s been a while, but Top 5 Wednesday is back!

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Samantha and Lainey! You can check the group here for more discussions and topic. It’s been on hiatus for a while now and we still don’t know whether it will coming back or not, but Gabriela @ ValQueenReads took initiatives and have been generating prompts for us for a while now.

This weeks topic’s is unanswered questions, in which we are going to discuss questions we still have after we turn the last page of a book/series. I find that this is a very interesting topics as I feel many of us has been there, finishing a book and still have so many questions. So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

01. Harry Potter: Why didn’t Dumbledore took Harry in?

Yes I know it’s already explained in the series about blood protection and so on and so forth. But I think Harry being raised by Dumbledore and the staff on Hogwarts would be a better alternative because a) he will be loved and b) at that point Voldemort was gone, and do you really think he would dare to attack Hogwarts and Dumbledore himself? 😒 Yes, Quirell exists but if we have Harry on Hogwarts, I’m sure the security will be tighter.

02. Harry Potter: Sirius’ trial

There are so many questions I have on Sirius’ trial! First, how does the trial system work? Did he even get a trial? If he did, why didn’t Dumbledore or the Order testify for Sirius? And since pensive and veritaserum exist, why didn’t they use it to prove whatever it is they thought Sirius do??

It’s so botched and unfair tbh.

03. The Rose and the Dagger: What’s the deal with the curse and the magic? How do they work?

I LOVED The Wrath and The Dawn, but The Rose and The Dagger was an utter disappointment. The pacing was off, the conflict was anti-climatic, and the curse and the magic, which ultimately at the heart of the problem was not explained. How does the curse work? Did Khalid really has to kill all those women, since technically, the person never specified it has to be a woman or his bride. For all we know, he could just go to war and took 1000 lives. And how does the magic work? Why does Shazi suddenly has this power and why it wasn’t used more?

04. Smoke in the Sun: The Rose and The Dagger, part 2

After finishing this book, I accepted the fact that maybe, Ahdieh’s sequel would never work for me. I already wrote an in depth review which basically filled with more questions and rant rather than an actual review. Again, she built such an amazing world and magic system, but they never addressed or explained. What is the price for their power? What does the glowing sword and fish scale means? Who is the sleeping lady in the forest??

Image result for gordon ramsay disappointed gif

So many questions, no answers.

05. The Raven Cycle

Look, I love TRC. I love the characters, I love the setting, I love the whimsical feelings and the creepiness of the monsters there. However, I don’t understand what’s going on! 😂🙈 I only understand what happened in book 1, and lost the plot in book 2-4 😂 So is Blue half tree? Is Gansey a reincarnation of King Arthur? What was actually happening in the series??

What are some unanswered bookish questions you have?

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #52: Unanswered Questions

  1. okay but why did the questions about the raven cycle intrigue me more? am i going to be reading this series looking for anything confirming blue’s status as a tree? yes.


  2. YES to the HP questions. Especially Sirius’ trial. You’d think that with all of the tools at the magic community’s disposal, that people being incarcerated for something they didn’t do would be super rare. And then Harry could have lived with Sirius :((( Ahhh I loved him. My favorite character


  3. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Dumbledore and McGonagall thought leaving Harry in an abusive household and not coming to get him until he was 11 was a good idea. I understand that they didn’t know how awful the Dursleys would turn out to be, but you’d think that somebody would keep an eye on him and get him out once they saw how badly he was abused.


  4. The Harry Potter questions…I don’t even know.😅 I definitely don’t understand why Sirius was treated so horribly, maybe it was because his family was known to be evil and so he was unfairly misjudged due to his bloodline? Haha, with the Raven Cycle, honestly I didn’t understand any of the plot whatsoever until I read a second time and now I feel like I have some sort of a grasp on the plot, but it’s still kind of shaky.


  5. the raven cycle is totally the “idk what’s happening but i love it” series for me. i remember reading them back to back when i first got them and at the end it just felt like a weirdly detailed lucid dream. a guess a reread is in order lolol


  6. Oh my god I love this 😂 I love your thoughts about the raven cycle, it is a very confusing book indeed, yet i remember being so hooked the whole time, even if the events and things happening were a bit… fuzzy? 😂 😂


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