September Wrap Up & October TBR // I’m almost there!

September was expectedly hectic, with the deadlines looming on the horizon but it’s still a mentally exhausting month 😫 I didn’t get to read much and spent most of the month stressing out, so let’s just get into the post.

  1. LABYRINTH LOST by Zoraida Cordova {eARC} // ✰✰
  2. SAGA issue #1 by Brian K. Vaughan // ✰✰✰✰
  3. CHARMING AS A VERB by Ben Philippe {eARC} // ✰✰✰.5
  4. EARLY DEPARTURES by Justin A. Reynolds {eARC} // ✰✰✰.5

I didn’t read much last month and all the books I read were okay…? I know it’s the anxiety talking for Early Departures (it was too dark and sad at the moment) but the rest seems pretty spot on.

I won’t be reading for the first half of the month since I will be having my thesis defense, but afterwards, these are the books that I’m going to read:

  1. THE WICKED DEEP by Shea Earnshaw
  3. EMBASSY OF THE DEAD by Will Mabbitt {eARC}
  4. THE VANISHING HALF by Brit Bennett {eARC}

My thesis submission deadline was today and I’ve been feeling the stress this whole month. I just don’t want to rush anyone but it seems like it can’t be helped 😭

As a coping mechanism, I fell into k-pop hole this month. It all started with The Untamed, as usual, with me looking up Wang Yibo’s updates and saw Jackson Wang on SDC3 (which Yibo also starred). So I checked out GOT7 and fell for them because honestly, I always love “variety show” type of group who doesn’t care about their idol image (Super Junior, I’m looking right at you). Turns out, I’ve been loving them for years but never bother to check their new releases??? I love Girls Girls Girls and Hard Carry, and there was a time where I played Focus On Me everyday (seriously guys, this song is sooooo underrated). I ended up listening to their albums and watching their shows and interviews. The amount of laughs and betrayals I learned from this group really soothes my thesis-writing worries 😂✨

In case you’re curious: No, I don’t have a bias but I acknowledge that Jinyoung is such a bias-wrecker. Not By The Moon, Look, and Focus On Me are bops and they deserve more recognition!!!

I am also loving SuperM‘s Tiger Inside this month. I was initially unsure about SuperM after Jopping, but Tiger Inside has such a different feel to it and I am loving the choreography! Plus, it’s clear that the members already have a closer relationship and a much warmer dynamics, it’s really fun to watch their interviews now. There’s also I-land‘s I&credible, which was a surprise spotify discover since I don’t even watch the show. The winner of this month though, is definitely Stray KidsGod’s Menu. It’s just impossible to not want to dance while listening to it and it’s such an earworm! The choreography and the video also slaps, it’s been so long since I am this in love with a k-pop music video 🔥 As with GOT7, I actually know Stray Kids for a while now since I love both Hellevator and Miroh when they first released, but I never looked them up properly. This era earned them a new stay!

I love the dance practice video more since I can see the choreography more clearly, but the music video is also amazing! I know the most repeated parts of the video is Felix’s, but Hyunjin really took the crown for me. That half-up ponytail? Throwing the beanie?? The facial expression??? Legendary.

I’m already getting my defense schedule, which is at next Friday. I can’t believe it’s actually happening and it will all be over soon????? Please wish me luck and send me all the good vibes!!!!

How was your September?

17 thoughts on “September Wrap Up & October TBR // I’m almost there!

  1. my september was really good, considering the fact that i am a junior doing online high school. the hw amount is not too bad and my birthday on the 25th was a lot of fun. i recently got some new books and am so happy!!


  2. I hope you have a great reading month! Hopefully you can destress a bit now that your thesis is submitted!



  3. I read even less than you did this month, so don’t feel bad haha! With all of my university work, I only read one book. Embarrassing, I know. Enjoy The Wicked Deep! I read it this time last year and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. And thank you so much for mentioning my post. I am so happy you liked it. I hope some of the stress about your thesis submission has subsided now that you have submitted it. School can be so stressful, huh? Have a fabulous October, Tasya!


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