Books I Added to My TBR Because of Tumblr Edits

Happy weekend everyone! I apologize for the lack of post this week but I was preparing for my defense, which happened yesterday, and I’m delighted to report that I PASSED!!!

I’m still very ecstatic and I had a fantastic day yesterday, but now I’m back with a new post! I initially wanted to do a review as a comeback post (you know I love writing a review) but I haven’t been reading and am not in the mood for reading so I decided to write on this topic I’ve been wanting to write for a while now.

I’ve been on tumblr for a LONG time, like 2010, and I’m still very active there. Nowadays I mainly blog on my fandom tumblr and my dashboard is just filled with so many beautiful edits. From quotes, characters aesthetics, to alternate covers, tumblr creators are honestly are very VERY talented. It’s very often that I ended up adding books to my TBR due to these edits and most of them ended up being a hit for me! I don’t know whether it’s the hype, but I think the edits just managed to capture the vibe and essence of the books really well that it did not mislead my expectations. So today I’m going to talk about those books I added to my TBR due to the pretty aesthetics, along with some examples of the said aesthetics! ✨

The Raven Cycle

Read? ✔

Honestly their edits, along with AFTG, are just the best and the most easily found edits on tumblr. Wherever I blogged, I always found at least 2 edits passing on my dash, it’s like everyone on tumblr is obsessed with it.

All for the Game

Read? ❎

I haven’t read this one, but I know while it received a lot of love on tumblr, the response has been more polarizing within the book community. Some love it, but others basically hate it. Either way, the edits are really really pretty I always reblogging most of them!


Read? ✔

The edits for this book is what piqued my curiosity to slavic mythology and started my love for slavic-inspired books and retelling!

Addicted Series

Read? ❎

I… don’t even know what this series is about?? I just know there are three Calloway sisters and that’s it.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Read? ❎

I’m so ready of letting go Throne of Glass series, but not ACOTAR because I want to feel the aesthetic and the hype of this series!

The Secret History

Read? ❎

This is my introduction to the dark academia genre, I just love the aesthetic!

If We Were Villains

Read? ✔

This is the actual dark academia book that I’ve read and I really, really loved it. The vibe is even better than expected and it makes me excited to read TSH!

The Poppy War

Read? ❎

This is fairly new, but the hype is crazy! I’m really bad at reading high fantasy and huge books but this book is just really high on my TBR, especially since the final book is out now.

That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me, are you on tumblr? Have you read any of these books?

28 thoughts on “Books I Added to My TBR Because of Tumblr Edits

  1. These edits are absolutely beautiful and I cannot blame you for adding all of these books to your TBR. I LOVE how many beautiful TRC edits there are! I’ll admit that the tumblr edits were what initially made me pick up The Foxhole Court, but unfortunately I was one of those people who hated it 😬 Ahaha I’m in the same boat as you with The Secret History and If We Were Villains — I loved the latter and will probably enjoy the former too if I ever get around to it!


  2. Ahhhhhh I can see why these got added to your TBR!
    I haven’t been on tumblr in so long, probably early 2018? I used to love all the book edits, like these, and now have been inspired to jump back on!
    Emma xx


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