Spooktober 2020: Telling you my favorite Indonesian urban legend…

Welcome to the first and only edition of Spooktober 2020! Spooktober is a 4 part halloween themed series on my blog I did way back in 2017, where I discuss or list creepy things to hype you up for halloween. I initially planned this series to become an annual feature, but I ended up making one last-minute posts in 2018 and 2019 (and apparently, also in 2020).


In my last Spooktober, I talked about the scariest Indonesian ghost according to me. Since then, there has been a twitter revival in my country and it has strangely became a place to share horror stories and experiences among its users. There has been several viral story, the most famous one being adapted into a book and an upcoming movie. It is also through twitter that I found this horror story, which quickly become a favorite of mine. It builds up slowly and the ending just chills me because of how plausible the scenarios are. There are two versions of this story and there are multiple universities that are claimed as the place where these occurrences happened so it can be claimed as an urban legend.

A disclaimer, I try to do my best in translating the stories but some of the atmosphere might get lost in the translation. I tried to put images of our classes and libraries to add for the visualization, but again, some of the tension might get lost in translation.

Without further ado….

Version 1: The Classroom

hallo! di kampus kalian tiap semesternya suka buka kelas eksternal gak sih?  kalau ada, apa kalian pernah ambil kelas eksternal itu? kelas apa? dan apa  alasan kalian ambil kelas itu? kalau di
Many of our classes still use this set up instead of the semi-circular one

During one of the night class session, a group of students was already present in the classroom when the lecturer came in. Strangely, the lecturer only stood there without saying anything.

Suddenly, the class representative felt his phone buzzed and received a text from the exact same lecturer who said that he couldn’t come due to unexpected circumstances. The representative was confused, since the lecturer was standing in front of class and he replied to the text mentioning so. The lecturer was even more surprised and told the student to look at the lecturer’s feet. The student pretended to drop his pen and to his horror, saw that the “lecturer” did not have his feet.

The class representative then shared the text exchange to the class group and told everyone to exit the room one by one. As he was being the last leaving the class, the “lecturer” suddenly came by and asked:

“You already knew, didn’t you?”

Version 2: The Library

Perpustakaan Perguruan Tinggi (Sebuah Opini dari Mahasiswa) - Kompasiana.com

A student was studying in the library and it was getting late. Some said he was alone, others said there were other people in the library. A friend he knew came by and so they ended up sitting together.

At one point, the student accidentally dropped his pen and when he retrieved it- you guessed it- he saw his “friend” had no feet. He panicked but too scared to immediately bolted so he got back to his seat and told his “friend” that he was leaving because it was already late. His “friend” grabbed his hand, then asked:

“It’s late, or because you already know?”

I hope you enjoyed it! Do you have any university/school setting urban legend?

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