November Wrap Up & December TBR // 1 month to go!

This is it, folks, we’re finally at the final month of 2020!

2020 seems to be going very slowly and quickly at the same time, especially due to the pandemic. It feels like March is only yesterday, where the quarantine began and everyone was making dalgona coffee 😂 Now we’re already in December 😶😲 While I’m excited for the holiday season, it does make me nervous as people just can’t seem to stay at home 😡 It’s just ridiculous with how close we are to the end of the pandemic (with the vaccines showing promising result) and yet the death toll keep rising because people just can’t stay at home.

Enough ranting, let’s get to the recap!

  1. DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS by Jennifer Lynn Barnes // ✰✰✰✰.5
  2. A NEON DARKNESS by Lauren Shippen {eARC} // ✰✰✰✰
  3. MUSE OF NIGHTMARES by Laini Taylor // ✰✰✰✰.5

November is probably my lowest reading month of 2020, with only 3 books read. Even though I only read 3 books (I was hoping to squeeze in another one but couldn’t make it), I was really happy since I enjoyed all three of them. Plus, I finished another 2 series with Deadly Little Scandals and Muse of Nightmares so I feel really accomplished despite the low number.

  1. THE TOWER OF NERO by Rick Riordan
  2. DEAD VOICES by Katherine Arden
  3. 10 BLIND DATES by Ashley Elston
  4. BEFORE THE COFFEE GETS COLD by Toshikazu Kawaguchi {eARC}

December would hopefully be less intense, but I also want to make space to explore other things so I only plan 4 books for the month. I hope to finish another series by reading Tower of Nero this month and get to my final eARC of this year with Before the Coffee Gets Cold!

November was flying really quickly, I honestly feel like it was over in a blink of an eye 😶

November was not hectic per se, but it was unexpectedly intense. With the deadlines for grad schools application approaching, I decided to sign up for IELTS and GRE so the month was spent with studying. I think I focused too much on IELTS and cram GRE only for 2 weeks 😅 It was definitely a mistake 💀 I got satisfying grades on IELTS but my GRE was meh. We’ll see for the final results though, which will be released in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully it would be enough.

In terms of media, to my own surprise, I became an NCTzen 🤣 I’ve listened to their music in the past but just couldn’t get hooked, but then I found WayV’s LOVE TALK, TURN BACK TIME, and their princess video and I’m instantly converted 🤣 I am also enjoying MAKE A WISH and 90’S LOVE so it’s been a lot of NCT this month 💛

Stray Kids definitely has an amazing 2020, their comebacks this year have always been 🔥🔥🔥 They had an online concert in November and while I didn’t watch it (sigh), from the clips I’ve watched and tumblr gifs, it was amazing!!!! Plus I also love their AAA performance, which was also 🔥 I swear they spare no funds in their costume and stage production, plus the dances are so energetic! I’m looking forward for their performance in the award season this month.

Of course I couldn’t not mention that GOT7 was having a comeback! Honestly, the name of the album worried me (last piece what???) but I was also super excited hehe. I think the two title tracks were catchy as hell, especially the whistling and chorus in BREATH and beat drop in LAST PIECE 💚 For the B-side, I love SPECIAL and WAVE. The whole album as a whole is just really good and I can’t wait to see their interviews and performances!

And finally, I got into Versailles last month! I would talk more about it in Screen Rambles, but I love love LOVE the opulent setting and costumes, and of course, Phillipe! I think the first season was the better; the second season was still fun but the whole William of Orange and war plot was boring 😬 Also more Phillipe wouldn’t hurt! 🤣 I’m going to start the third season today and I hope I will enjoy it.

How was November? Is there any last-minute, 2020 goal you want to reach in December?

19 thoughts on “November Wrap Up & December TBR // 1 month to go!

  1. I hope you enjoy The Tower of Nero! I recently finished reading it & was really happy with the resolution 😊 I hope the final results for school are good 🙏 I was busy with university work in November, but I still have until the end of February when exams will start.


  2. I hope you have a great last month of the year! I´m also hoping to read The Tower of Nero this month!



  3. I haven’t read any of Rick Riordan’s books except for Percy Jackson and I need to rectify that IMMEDIATELY in 2021!! Do you think I should start w/ The Trials of Apollo? I feel like that’s the series I’ve heard most people talk about other than Percy!! I feel ya on grad school applications – I hope everything goes smoothly!! ♥♥


  4. Can’t believe how long ago dalgona coffee seems, yet somehow it also seems like it was yesterday?? What is time.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the books you read in November, including A Neon Darkness (which I loved 😀 ) Best of luck with your December books too ☺ Hope you have a lovely month!


  5. It looks like you had a pretty good reading month, ratings-wise! Hurray for that! I tried watching Versailles awhile back and enjoyed it, but never finished. Maybe I should give it another chance! I hope you have a great December!


  6. oh i hope you enjoy tower of nero!! i’ve been wanting to read it, but i think a part of me is putting it off since it’s the last chb book 🥺🥺 and i’m wishing you all the luck on your results!! i’m sure you did well and i hope you can take a break from all that studying in december 💕


  7. Even though so many of us have stayed home, the world shut down and turned to shit, the year has just flown by. It’s been a month since we’ve had any new cases here and even though we’re still required to wear masks indoors and around others, it’s lovely to have those small freedoms back again. I hope the case numbers start dropping there soon Tasya, I think at this point all we can hope for is people to try to protect one another and the vaccine rolls out soon. Stay safe!


    1. Ughh the case numbers just keep increasing and it feels like they’re getting closer and closer, you know? And what’s worse is people just keep going on holiday as if nothing is happening and the government did not take any strict measure 😡 It’s just insanity all around!


  8. I’ve watched a few episodes of Versailles but kind of forgot about it, but now that I’ve read your post I might have to restart it! Wishing you the best of luck on the GRE – you’ve got this!!


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