Favorite Blog Posts I’ve Written // Looking back through 7 years of blogging

If you ask me when my blog anniversary is, I’m as clueless as you are.

This is because I made this blog quite some time before making my first post, which my archive told me was in December 22nd, 2013. Technically, it could be my blog anniversary, but I just never felt that way. I did move my blog to wordpress in October 2016 and I could make the moving date my blog anniversary, but it just doesn’t feel right either 😫

That’s why I never celebrate my blog anniversary. But I have been blogging for so long and I always love reading anniversary posts that just I want to celebrate something. 7 years is a long time to commit and I have written a lot of posts, so I think it would be fun to look through my archives and see my favorite posts. Hence, this celebratory post 🎉

I know we’re not supposed to pick our favorite child, but there are some posts that I’ve enjoyed writing more than the others. Some of them are also my most popular, so thinking that you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing them makes me really happy 💖

Without further ado, let’s get started!

*clicking on the heading will lead you to the featured posts

Favorite Review

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo // GIF Review because Words Are Not Enough

I can’t do any previews since the whole review is basically gif reactions, but I had so much fun writing it! It is also one of my most popular book reviews on the blog. I should’ve done more gif-style reviews since I loved it so much!

Smoke in the Sun by Renee Adhieh // Spoilers ahead because I’m a ball of bitterness (ft some Gordon Ramsay)

The reason why I love this post is because a) I was really bitter at that time but b) it doesn’t came out that way! In fact, I would say it came out quite coherent and balanced instead of turning into a rant. Plus, I love the Gordon Ramsay’s gif I included 🤣

5 Reasons Why King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo Didn’t Work For Me

When I asked for a Nikolai book, I didn’t ask for this.

Image result for what a mess gif

Another negative review! Writing this review was very cathartic and I love how it turned out.

A Conjuring of Light by V.E Schwab // A really long post because everyone’s dying and so am I

I went really in-depth talking about the characters and plot, and even dedicated a special section for Holland. Very cathartic, 10/10 would recommend writing a review to get all the feels out of your system.

Favorite Discussion

Let’s Talk About: Enemies to Lovers trope and the boundaries between healthy and problematic storylines.

enemies to lovers trope.png

Enemies to Lovers trope is, hands down, my favorite romantic trope. However, even I cannot deny that the portrayal of the trope can be very problematic in many instances. In this post, I questions what makes me love the trope so much and how to differentiates between healthy and problematic aspects of it.

Does TBR List Actually Work for Me?

I wrote this post back in 2018. I know myself as a notorious mood reader and yet I was always making “seasonal” TBR excitedly. In this post, I looked back through my archives for any TBR posts and see how many books I’ve read from those posts.

Spoiler alert: the numbers were not good.

Favorite Features

Why Barbie Movies are Holiday Movies for Me

Barbie movies are really my childhood; instead of Home Alone, my local TV always played Barbie movies during the holiday season. I also have a lot of Barbie DVDs 🥺 Here, I basically talked about why I love Barbie movies and shared my all-time favorite Barbie movies.

Favorite Seasonal Posts

Valentine’s Day: Extremely Specific Romantic Tropes that I love

specific romantic tropes and combinations that i love.png

An exhaustive discussion on whether tropes are good or bad have been done. For me, there are tropes that I absolutely avoid, but in general, it depends on how the tropes itself are executed! I noticed I have several preference that guarantee the said trope will work for me. These preferences are the ones I will share with you all in today’s post!

Halloween: Spooktober #3: Favorite Supernatural Episodes

5 Creepiest Book Covers (2).png

I admit the last few season have been less than stellar, but the early seasons were amazing and full of creepiness! Especially season 1, where it all hunting demons instead of saving the world and angels stuff, they definitely lived up to the show’s name.

Look, I know the ending was crap and November was hilarious because of SPN finale, but I had so much fun writing this post!

Christmas: The Christmas Characters Tag

the christmas character tag.png

Basically me answering the prompts that paired with famous christmas characters! It’s really fun and perfect for last-minute festive post ideas 🎄

BONUS: I See It, I Ship It: The Ultimate OTP List

This post is back from Ye Olden Blogger day, but it still one of my most popular! In fact, it always appears in my most viewed post every month. I had fun writing it but I would say that my list of OTP has changed since then. Maybe I should do an updated version of this post…

Favorite Screen Rambles

Reasons why you should watch THE UNTAMED (and suffer with me 😭)

The only post from 2020! I was blown away by The Untamed, it’s my newest obsession and kept me sane by distracting me from all the worldly affairs to the embrace of LWJ and WWX. I listed so many reasons why you should give this show a try, among them are complex plot and characters, intense devotion that despite the censorship you can see that the MCs are in love, and cultural lessons I managed to learn.

How to be Gay Without Being Gay – Gaysian Nation

Favorite Hallyu Posts

Kill Me, Heal Me // 7 personalities in one person?? (And yes, this should be posted in July Screen Rambles but it’s too long already)

Kill Me, Heal Me tells the story of Cha Do Hyun, a third generation chaebol who lost a year of his memory when he was 7-8 years old and also diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder (DID). He has 6 other alter egos: Shin Se-Gi the violent one, Ahn Yo Sub the suicidal one, Ahn Yo Na who is a 17 year old school girls that stalk handsome oppas, Perry Park the drunken ahjussi, and the mysterious Nana and Mr. X. He met Oh Ri Jin, a psychiatrist, by accident, and she agrees to help him and became his secret doctor. They have to navigate complicated issues such as company power struggle and the lost memory resurfacing, which caused Cha Do Hyun to be very unpredictable and gives more chance for other personalities to appear. Can they keep his DID a secret and help recover his memories?

One of my all time favorite k-dramas (jisung played SEVEN characters!!!) and by far, the most popular post on my blog! It always appeared as my most viewed post and search terms. I had fun watching the show and writing the review, and I’m glad you guys loved it too!

Second Lead Syndrome – It’s Not Only In K-Drama!

second lead syndrome.png

Second lead syndrome is where you are more invested in the secondary lead and wish for him to get the girl. This syndrome is FAMOUS in k-drama, but I noticed I also tend to have it with the western media I consumed. This post basically talked about all the second leads I’ve ever loved ✨

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since me first foray into blogging and subsequently joining the book community! It’s been nothing but joys every since and I’m really grateful for the time, experience, and the people! Thank you so much for those of you who stick with this blog and read its posts, it really means a lot for me, more than I can ever show my gratitude 💖

19 thoughts on “Favorite Blog Posts I’ve Written // Looking back through 7 years of blogging

  1. I can relate to not knowing when my blogiversary is at all haha. Looking back I wish I’d kept track of that date. Anyhow, congratulations on seven years of blogging!! That’s incredible! For almost as long as I can remember being in the book blogging community, I can remember reading your posts. Here’s to many more years 🙂
    claire @ clairefy


    1. Ah yes, I wished I remember too as it would be nice to be able to celebrate it exactly on the date! Aah thank you Claire! 🥺🥺🥺 I can say the same for you, for as long as I’ve been blogging I always remember reading and talking with you! 💖


  2. Happy blogoversary Tasya!! I have the same problem with my blog anniversary, since I moved my blog to wordpress a few years ago haha. Anyway, looking forward to read more of your posts ❤ I'm also planning to watch The Untamed since I've heard a lot about it, so I'm glad you recommend it!


  3. wow, tasya, 7 years! i’ve been blogging for two and it already feels like so long. i didn’t think that much about looking back on all of my favorite posts, i think my “recommendations” are enough as favorites, but it would definitely be fun to re-read some of my oldests, though i’d cringe very hard probably.

    i agree that negative reviews are some of the best to look back on! although i like the ones in which i am fangirling, i remember putting so much time on my review of wayward son by rainbow rowell just so i could rant properly hahah

    the specific romantic tropes one was such a good one! it definitely inspired me to write more about tropes & think about them. i think i need to read more romance in order to compile a more specific list, but it’s still a fun one!

    happy 7 years of blogging! here’s to many more!


  4. Ahhhh happy 7 years of blogging, what an incredible milestone ! 😍 I love this kind of post so, so much, it’s so great to look back on the posts you enjoyed writing the most. You’re always doing an incredible work and, despite my lack of blog hopping and activity on here lately, i just wanted to let you know I appreciate your blog so much! ❤


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