Small Things in Life Readathon // Finding the good things in 2020

Hi everyone! Contrary to the previous years, I initially did not have any plans to join any readathon this month. However, when I saw Sophie @ Moon Child Don’t Cry post for The Small Things in Life Readathon, I couldn’t help but to fall in love and immediately signing up for it 💖

Small Things in Life Readathon is a readathon hosted by sha @desolatejoys from 20th to 30th of December. There are no prompts for this readathon. Instead, we have to find at least 4 good things that happened in 2020 and turned them into our own prompts. It’s so original, unique, and lovely, right? I love how personal and positive the whole thing is 🥺 You can find more information on the announcement post.

Without further ado, here are some highlights of my 2020 and the prompts I associated with them! ✨

Prompt #1: Graduating university 👩‍🎓 → Read a book set in during senior year of high school or university

Doing research and writing your thesis are hard, doing so during the unpredictability of the pandemic was even harder 🙃 There were so many additional stress, so many uncertainties, but also a lot of screen exhaustion. But we did it- not only me, but also to the whole cohort graduating this year!!!

50000985. sy475

I always love reading books set during the senior year of high school as they always carry the bittersweet excitement and farewell of stepping into a different life phase. I experienced it again this year, graduating and stepping into the “real world” in the midst of once in a century pandemic, with the same bittersweet feeling for excitement and uncertainty. For this experience, I decided to read a book set during senior year of study. I’m choosing Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon as a) it’s available on RivetedLit as part of #25ReadsofDecember b) it’s a hate-to-love romance and c) it’s set during the final 24 hours of high school.

It just sounds perfect for me 😍

Prompt #2: Spending more time with my family → Read a book where family is a huge aspect


The pandemic forced me to moved back home and as the result, we have been spending a lot of time together! I haven’t have this much time with my family since before high school: back then I was swamped with homeworks and other activities but now as I was *only* writing my thesis, we had more time. It’s really nice to just have more time to talk and catch up with each other.

For this prompt, I’m planning to read 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston. It’s a fun holiday romance and from the reviews I’ve read, the huge family plays quite a central role in this book so it’s the perfect holiday read!

Prompt #3: Being surrounded with so many amazing friends 🥺 → Read a book featuring amazing friendships

43069601. sy475

Even thinking about them make me really sappy 🤧 I admit, at the beginning of the year I was feeling quite lonely. I felt like I’m drifting away from everyone else and I didn’t know how to reach out??? I still think I outgrew some of the friendships I had but throughout the year, I also saw that I am surrounded by the most amazing and supportive friends! I couldn’t ask for better people, they just shower me with so much love 🥺

So. Friendships. That’s a huge positive of my year and to celebrate, I want to read Dead Voices by Katherine Arden! I really enjoyed Small Spaces, particularly on how Ollie opened herself again and formed friendship with Coco and Brian. I’m looking forward for their future adventures!

Prompt #4: Participating in #Nostalgiathon → Reread a childhood book

I had SO MUCH FUN participating in Nostalgiathon! It allowed me to revisited some of my childhood favorites and I loved that I still enjoyed all the books I read, just like I used to. I still had quite a few childhood books I didn’t get to read at that time, so I’m going to read some of them for this prompt!

Prompt #5: Getting into k-pop and The Untamed → Read a book with East-Asian main characters or by East-Asian authors

54954877. sy475

The second half of the year is filled with East-Asian media excellence for me. First I got into k-pop, slowly by stanning GOT7 and SuperM, then all at once by stanning almost all of JYP and SM family (someone get me into YG please 🤣). I started the year not knowing anything, but now I can recite the names and differentiates all GOT7, SKZ, and NCT (all 23 members of them) by voice alone 😂 Then I watched The Untamed which reignited my interest towards kdrama and got me dipping my toes into cdrama.

To close the year, I plan to read a book with East-Asian characters and what a better book to read other than These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong??? Everyone and their extended family has been screaming about this book and I can’t wait to give it a go! 🔥

What are the highlights of your 2020? Are you participating in this readathon?

26 thoughts on “Small Things in Life Readathon // Finding the good things in 2020

  1. i am kinda sad i ended up taking too long to find out about this readathon, because it definitely was a great moment to reflect back on the year and try to pick out some of the highlights and positive moments.

    i really hope you enjoy all these books, your TBR looks amazing!


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