My favorite 2020 song releases πŸŽ€

I tend to do my wrap-ups at the very end of December and early January, but since I don’t think there will be any new music released for the rest of the year (It has been quiet on the western front, the Korean award season is ongoing- unless of course, G-Dragon decided to make his long awaited comeback πŸ‘€) I’m going to post this now.

2020 has been a really fun year for me, musically. I still made spotify playlist and put my throwback playlist on repeat, but I also explore A LOT of new things. The obvious one would be me falling down the rabbit hole of k-pop, but also, I turned on my autoplay on youtube and spotify which caused me to found a lot of new music! In fact, 7/15 songs on this list are from spotify autoplay πŸ˜ƒ

I also been listening to a lot of albums- something I’ve never done before. Pre-2020 me only listened to 24 albums out of my 22 years old existence, 7 of them being from a certain Ms. Taylor Swift. However, this year alone I’ve listened to:

  1. Folklore (Evermore coming soon, I need to be in the right ~mood~)
  2. SuperM’s Super One
  3. Stray Kids’ Go Life (and In Life)
  4. NCT 2020 Resonance
  5. NCT 2018 Empathy
  6. EXO’s The War
  7. WayV’s Take Over the Moon, Take Off, and Awaken the World
  8. BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7
  9. Chvrches’ Love is Dead (thanks, Elite!)

That’s like… 12 albums alone this year! Not to mention all of those lo-fi hip hop playlist, [insert song] but you are [insert scenario] playlist, and other mood playlist on youtube. So yeah, it’s been a lot of exploration! A huge part of it might be because I spent most of my time at home, working on chores or thesis that gives me more time to listened to spotify/youtube. But idk, I’m also in the mood to branch out more this year.

So in the year of exploration, these are my top 15 songs of 2020, the ones that I think define this year for me!

*Links go to Youtube videos

The Weeknd // Heartless

I know Blinding Lights was all the rage, but personally I prefer Heartless. The beat is super catchy!

Problem Solved ft. ScoobE // Over It

This song is sooo underrated! If you love Post Malone’s song, there’s a huge chance you will love this song.

Drake // Tootsie Slide

It’s super fun and we all could use a bit more fun at the moment. Every time I played this song, my mood just instantly lifted 🌞

Twenty One Pilots // Level of Concern

The lyrics just.. hits πŸ˜‚

Taylor Swift // The Last American Dynasty

My favorite song from Folklore! I just love the storytelling and the imagery this song evokes.

Halsey // I’m Not Mad

I love the beat, but the lyrics is also super petty- I love it 😍🀩

SuperM // Tiger Inside

I think already talked too much about Tiger Inside, but the reason why I love it so much is because it feels like SuperM finally fulfills the concept of SuperM?? The sound is super unique instead of their usual rap heavy tracks that feels like trying to cater to western audience and losing the k-pop sound. Tiger Inside is perfect and the popularity speaks for itself.

Stray Kids // God’s Menu

THE song of 2020 for me. God’s Menu reminds me of Fantastic Baby: how the rhythm just slaps you in the face and you can’t help but jump along with it. It’s also very distinguishable, it just can’t blend with other releases from this year! Some people thinks it’s noise music, for me it’s one of the best song this year.

I-land // I&credible

I don’t watch I-land, but I love the vocals and the track as a whole Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Kang Daniel // 2U

Very catchy and fun! I love watching the music video, it reminds me of JB’s U Smile and I just really love it!

WayV // Turn Back Time

WayV is officially my favorite NCT unit! Their songs just hit all the right spot for me, I love the distribution and how each members shine, and I also love their dynamics! I’m having a hard time choosing between Nectar, Bad Alive, and Turn Back Time, but I decided on TBT πŸ˜€ Seriously guys, their whole discography is just πŸ”₯

NCT U // Light Bulb

I love Doyoung and Kun’s vocalization, their vocals just match really well! It also has a haunting vibe? Honestly one of their best track.

NCT U // 90s Love

My favorite title track from Resonance! Make A Wish was certainly catchy, but 90s Love is just so much more fun for me! Plus their choreo is just so satisfying and Sungchan is NOT a rapper to be underestimated.

Stray Kids // Easy

This is just so much fun and groovy??? You just can’t help to groove along with it. Give it a try and you’ll be hooked.

aespa // Black Mamba

I was initially reluctant to check them out due to the whole avatar concept but one listen and the “ayayaya” part got stuck in my head πŸ˜‚

Honorable mentions: Twice // I Can’t Stop Me, Everglow // La Di Da, Stray Kids // All In, NCT Dream // Ridin’, GOT7 // Breath

As you can see, 3/5 of the lists here are k-pop lol as those are the genre I explored the most this year and therefore, the one where I made most of my discoveries. If I have to pick my top 3 you have to listen, it would be Problem Solved ft ScoobE – Over It, Halsey – I’m Not Mad, and Stray Kids – Easy (God’s Menu might be too much for some people lol).

I hope you had fun reading this post and found some new music before 2020 ends! Tell me, what are your favorite 2020 releases? Or is there any song that define 2020 for you? Let me know in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “My favorite 2020 song releases πŸŽ€

  1. We have such similar music tastes!! I loved NCT 90’s Love. It was such a fun MV and track overall. I usually love SM group concepts and songs (and I think they have the most versatile music out of the Big Three) but aespa’s Black Mamba kind of disappointed me, but I’m glad to know that you liked it. I really liked all your picks they gave me a lot of new music too listen too. Great post!


    1. Aww I’m so happy to hear that! I agree, SM is the most versatile they just have the whole range and able to pull of any concepts πŸ˜€ I think because I’m new and don’t have any expectations Black Mamba works for me, but I do read many same sentiments as yours!


  2. My 2020 has basically been 98% kpop and then Little Mix because they decided to bless me with an early birthday present back in November by releasing Confetti! I haven’t listened to too much NCT tbh (I know maybe a dozen songs at this point) but I may have to look further into them in 2021! And YES, to Tiger Inside! I think that was the superior song they released before the album – it’s definitely my fave! God’s Menu was also top-notch! I can’t wait to learn more about them next year!

    For me, I knew I would love whatever BTS gave me and same for Baekhyun, so their releases were immediate faves, and still are to this day. I just love Baekhyun’s voice like nothing else. An album I didn’t expect to love as much as I ended up doing was Han Seungwoo’s Fame – it was my go-to album for my drives to therapy each Monday and I just loved it so much, I had to buy a physical copy!


    1. I just discovered Confetti this month, it’s sooo good! Baekhyun’s voice is one of the best in the industry and I also love his personality πŸ₯Ί I think GOT7’s Jaebom has the same vocal tone as Baek, which is why he’s my second favorite πŸ˜€


  3. I’ve been listening to Folklore on repeat this past month so that’s definitely a favorite. Not sure if there’s any one song that defined this year…there’s been a lot of music on my playlist that I listened to with my friends at uni so those just bring back a lot of memories.


  4. i’ve been the worst about keeping up with kpop releases this year. so much so that i have yet to listen to the whole resonance album. i listened to the singles, though, and make a wish and 90s love are my favorites. from home is also adorable and the music video is so beautiful!

    way’s album was amazing though! as for tiger inside, it’s definitely not my favorite from super m 😦 i had high expectations because of how much i liked jopping, and it didn’t live up entirely to it. i’d just really like for them to experience with some other concepts, their members have so much range!

    likewise, folklore and evermore were two big hits for my 2020. i don’t know if there is one song that defined the year for me, but i definitely listened to midnight love by girl in red *a lot* and it’s probably my favorite song by her now!


  5. wonderful post, Tasya! that’s awesome that you listened to a lot of new music this year; i think i did the same ☺️ i’ve also been having folklore and evermore on repeat – i honestly still can’t believe Taylor blessed us with TWO ENTIRE ALBUMS this year, haha. the last great american dynasty is one of my favorites from folklore too!! some new artists i listened to this year include rina sawayama and LANY :)) hope you’re doing well! πŸ’•


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