2020 Reading Wrap Up

Hello everyone! It’s the last day of 2020 and I’m looking forward for the New Year in a couple hours! This year’s celebration is certainly more lowkey than the previous years- not that I ever had a new year’s bash anyway (always wanted to attend one, but… yeah) but at least we could just drive and stop anywhere we liked. This year, we would just be staying in watching movies and hopefully able to stay awake until midnight 😂

Today I’m bringing you my yearly reading wrap up! I had a fantastic reading year, the best as far as I can remember. Not only that I managed to read 85 books, I also enjoyed most of them! According to goodreads, my average rating for 2020 was 3.7 which is a HUGE improvement from 3.3 in 2019 and 3.1 in 2018. Let’s get into the details!


As expected, most of my reads are e-books (70/85), with around 55% (39) of them come from e-ARCs. I’m also utilizing RivetedLit free reads program a lot this year- which I count as borrowed e-books- where 10/13 books in this category came from this program. As for my physical reads, more than half of them (8/15) are my owned books! I haven’t buy any new books since the pandemic started (I moved back in and have no space left for physical books), hopefully this knocks a significant amount off my TBR.

I think I’ve mentioned during my mid-year check in that my genre tracker is a mess, so please bear that in mind while looking at this chart. According to my tracker, my most read genre this year were paranormal, followed by fantasy, and contemporary. Apparently I read 10 nonfictions this year??? I only remember 2, but it’s a number I’m really happy with. I really enjoyed mystery/thriller this year and I can see the mood continuing to 2021, so I’m expecting the section of the chart to increase next year!

This has been a surprisingly good reading year! Most of my ratings are around 3 stars above and I only had 1 DNF this year, which was Here Lies Daniel Tate.

My representation tracker is really bad too, I should’ve track more things and be more clear next year. Out of 85 books I read this year, 42 books (42%) have at least one group represented. I’ll be honest here, despite having 5 books (7.5%) with disability representation, 3 of them are on secondary characters (plays an important part to the story, but still).

BEST OF 2020

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Well developed characters, smoldering romance, tight knit community and family, as well as struggles being lgbt+ in a community that holds fast to their tradition- all explored really well without sacrificing the other element!

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This is really fun and fast paced, filled with intelligent characters, southern belle shenanigans, and plot twists that keep you glued to the pages!

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

This is really fun! I love Dimple and Rishi as individual characters but together, they’re super cute! I also think their relationship development is super realistic and I love how close their families are.

You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman

This book got the academic pressure so well that I have to stop reading because it made me anxious. But on the other hand, the romance was just so soft, calming, and grounding. The families and friendships are wonderful and we have a lot of diversity.

Lizards Tale by Weng Wai Chan

 Lizard’s Tale is a vibrant and adventurous tale that explore war through the eyes of children. Despite the topic of war and colonization, it has innocence that I really enjoyed. The writing is gorgeous and the description of sight, smell and sound transported you to the story. The characters are adorable and resourceful, which makes every pages a delight to read. 

Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

I finally understand why this series is so popular and jumping on the main ship!!! It’s just perfect, filled with twists and turns and tender moments, but also political game. I love it.

Where We Go From Here by Lucas Rocha

This is a very well-written and important book, it discussed different nuances of HIV. While it does have its dark moments, it managed to feel warm and hopeful at the same time with the amount of support the characters are having.

Dead Voices by Katherine Arden

I’d say this book is far scarier than Small Spaces, with the amount of dark, cold, and evil ghosts present. It has multiple twists and despite having guessed some, it was still an amazing reading experience.


A Shiver of Snow and Sky by Lisa Lueddecke

The writing style is just not my cup of tea, it meanders a lot from the plot and very slow paced that despite having potential, it just bored me.

Decked with Holly by Marni Bates

The banter and the fake romance were entertaining, but the characters and plot were just really boring and unlikeable :/

Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan

I always love the plot direction and the atmosphere, but the repetitive writing style was really frustrating to read and the characters were really incompetent.



All links go to my reviews of the final book in the series

  1. THE TEA DRAGON SOCIETY by Katie O’Neill
  2. THE FOLK OF THE AIR by Holly Black
  3. DEBUTANTES by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  4. THE TRIALS OF APOLLO by Rick Riordan
  5. STRANGE THE DREAMER by Laini Taylor


🔁: re-read ✅: finished ❌: DNF

All links go to my reviews of the first book in the series

  1. A SHIVER OF SNOW AND SKY by Jennifer Lueddecke ❌
  2. DEBUTANTES by Jennifer Lynn Barnes ✅
  3. WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI by Sandhya Menon
  4. WANT by Cindy Pon ❌
  5. EVERNIGHT by Claudia Gray 🔁
  6. TENSORATE by JY Yang
  8. BROOKLYN BRUJA by Zoraida Cordova❌
  9. LIGHT AS A FEATHER by Zoe Aarsen ❌
  10. LEGENDBORN by Tracy Deonn


  1. I read 85 books this year, with average rating of 3.7 stars! It’s the most I’ve read so far and the fact that I enjoyed most of my reads made me very satisfied.
  2. Enjoying all the readathons I participated in. I rarely do readathons since I easily feel pressured by my own competitiveness 😅 This year, I joined 3 readathons which were the reading rush, nostalgiathon, and small things in life. I managed to finish almost all the prompts given and I also really enjoyed all the books I read! Maybe because I have more time to read that the pressure didn’t get to me, but looking back, I’m glad I participated in readathons this year.
  3. Finishing 3 “old” series. I admit that my series completion numbers are lower compared to last year, but I managed to finish 3 “old” series on my TBR! I’m not saying old as in they’ve been released a long time ago, but as in “I read the previous installment years ago but haven’t continued since”. It felt relieving, like closing a chapter and I’m looking forward to finishing more ongoing series next year!


  1. Reread The Infernal Devices – I’ve been planning this for 2 years, it’s definitely time to reread it!
  2. Finish either Throne of Glass or The Lunar Chronicles – I have this series on my shelves for waay to long and since I’m running out of space, I want to do a book unhaul. I should reread the first books and decide whether I want to continue or DNF it.
  3. Start reading regency romance! – One of my biggest goal for the year! Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun with the genre in 2020 and since I always love period drama, why not give it a try myself?
  4. Read more diverse books
  5. Read more Indonesian authors – It’s one of my goal this year but I totally failed as I read 0 books 🙈 I really want to do better in 2021!

26 thoughts on “2020 Reading Wrap Up

  1. tasya, first of all: this post is so well formatted i’m in love!

    likewise, i also read a lot more ebooks than physical books. i was surprised by how little i read of physical books, actually, and it’s something i want to continue to do in 2021 since spending money in books won’t be much of an option in the new year, hahah. i’m trying to save every penny!

    i was so happy to see where we go from here on your list, i love that you loved that book too! and when dimple met rishi as well, it’s one of my favorite books and i’m hoping to re-read it this year. i think it’s my favorite from this series by sandhya melon, but i’d probably have to re-read it to see it for sure, hahah. i also know there was a tv show to come out inspired by it, but i haven’t started it yet!

    wishing you all the luck on your 2021 goals and hope you have an amazing reading year!


    1. Aw thank you so much, Lais! ❤ I decided to finally not buying any new physical books this year and instead utilizes e-books more since I'm really running out of space now, with all the online shopping due to the quarantine 😂 I didn't know there's a TV show developed by When Dimple Met Rishi, but I'm looking forward to it now!


  2. Wow, that is incredible that you’ve read so many books and that your average rating has jumped up so much! Congratulations 😀
    I can really relate to genre tracking being a mess… It’s so hard to categorise books sometimes and I think automatically generated ones get it wrong sometimes. Looking forward to seeing you read more mystery/thrillers!
    I have been wanting to read Cemetery Boys for so long – I’m still in the queue at my library, but hopefully I’ll get my hands on it soon, seeing as it’s one of your favourites!
    I’m hoping to finish reading Throne of Glass this year too 😐
    Also as a side note, I absolutely love the graphics you’ve used in this post! So fun!


  3. Ah you’ve read so much in the past year, that’s awesome! I’m so, so happy you enjoyed You Asked For Perfect and I agree with you: that book was really stressful to read, at times ahah it made me a bit anxious, but it was wonderful. I also loved Little White Lies, such a fun read. And I can’t wait to read Cemetery Boys! 😀


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