Top 5 Wednesday #56: Bookish World That Feels Like Home

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Samantha and Lainey! You can check the group here for more discussions and topic. It’s been on hiatus for a while now and we still don’t know whether it will coming back or not, but Gabriela @ ValQueenReads and Alex @ The Scribe Owl took initiatives and have been generating prompts for us for a while now.

This week’s topic is Home Sweet Home:

When reading, do you ever pause and say to yourself, “I want to live there”? I know I do at times! For this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, what are your top five bookish settings that you would like to move to? Worlds outside of our own are preferred, but if you want to say that New York sounds like home sweet home, go ahead! Credit to Laura for the idea behind this prompt!

I am aware that it’s not Wednesday anymore, but I still want to post this one! I decided to change the prompt name since I read mostly fantasy and, well, bad things happen in this book that make the world are actually not that appealing to be lived in 😅 However, the magic, adventures, and characters in these worlds really drew me in and it always felt like coming home rereading these books!

Tea Dragon Society

Hasil gambar untuk tea dragon society

This might be the only world that fits the original title as the world of tea dragon society is just… so sweet, adorable, and pure 🥺 It’s not that the book doesn’t have any bad thing as one of the book literally centered around grief, but the world is just so idyllic. The color palette, story, village lifestyle, and characters as a whole are just so calming and cozy, the whole series always made me so happy!

Medieval Rus – The Winternight Trilogy

I grew up in a country that’s still quite set in its own tradition and filled with folktales, so right from the first page I felt exactly at home in the Medieval Rus of The Winternight Trilogy. Admittedly, the humans were easily instigated and prejudiced, but it was filled so much magic!

Camp Half Blood – Percy Jackson Universe

Hasil gambar untuk camp half blood gif

Look, I don’t want to get chased by monsters 24/7 so can’t I just be a regular summer camper??? I’d love to visit all the cabins, train together, have communal dinner, and of course, play capture the flag!

Ravka – The Grishaverse

Out of all the regions in the grishaverse, Ravka is the one I felt connected the most because, well, magic, folktales and strong religion! I feel like it’s just so much more developed since we got to know the politics, the grisha order, the religion (and the saints), as well as the belief of the people through the tales.

Pemberley – Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Hasil gambar untuk pemberley gif

Okay, I don’t know whether this one is cheating or not 👀 Pemberley is a fictional place but I looove the location for its filming and the way it feels throughout the movie. Chatsworth House is on my UK bucket list!

What fictional world that feels like home to you?

19 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #56: Bookish World That Feels Like Home

  1. I need to read The Winternight trilogy SO bad – I’ve heard such amazing things! Also totally agree w/ PJO, and I’d love to live in the Grishaverse, but I don’t think I’d last super long 😅 Loved this post!! xx

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  2. I love your post! Thanks for doing a T5W!

    To answer your question, Lainey started T5W and stopped hosting it a couple years ago. I don’t know what happened to Samantha, but she gave it to Gabriela. I’ve been doing it for Gabriela for the past couple months. I hope that helped you instead of confused you! 😂


  3. Oooooh, Camp Halfblood. Well, I wouldn’t have wanted to be chased by monsters all the time either but the campfire? The lake? The training grounds? The food? Sign me up!
    Also, I would love to live in Nevermoor. Please and thank you.

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  4. I wouldn’t mind being a Camp Half Blood Camper either! Without the monsters of course. I think we’d all love to escape at the moment, I’m thinking since it’s summer in Australia, I’d love to live under the sea. I wouldn’t even mind being a singing crab 🦀😂

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