A very overdue Screen Ramble: November, December, January

Welcome everyone to another Screen Rambles post! In case youโ€™re new to this blog or not know what is this series about, Screen Rambles is where I talked about all the shows and movies Iโ€™ve watched in the previous month in details. In short, this is where I ramble about them.

This post will be a long overdue recap of what I watched in November, December, and January. The reason why I didn’t made a separate post is because I didn’t particularly enjoyed anything I watch in Nov and Dec and I barely watched anything in January, hence the lack of material to create a separate post. It’s been a disappointing three months, to say the least.


Versailles season 1, 2, 3

Hasil gambar untuk versailles poster

I was suddenly in a historical mood so I decided to start Versailles as this show has been on my watch list for a while. I went in without knowing much about the story, so imagine my surprise that the show revolves around the building of Versailles instead of the life in a completed Versailles. It’s still scandalous, but it involves a lot more politics than I expected.

I really enjoyed the first season! I binge it in a day and immediately went for the second season. What captivates me the most about this show is not Louis or his rule, but rather his brother, Phillippe the Duke of Orleans. As the brother of the king, he struggles to find his place in court- he couldn’t overshadow his brother but he couldn’t do nothing either. He also has a complicated relationship with his wife, who is also Louis mistress, and his lover The Chevalier. While the first season mainly centers on Louis fighting the nobles to get Versailles built, I’d argue that it also centers on Phillippe struggling to find what he’s supposed to do in life.

Hasil gambar untuk versailles gif

I find the second season to be not as good, but still enjoyable that I also binge it. I absolutely love Liselotte and how she adds to the dynamic between Phillippe and The Chevalier! This season also made it clear how much they love each other; before I always thought The Chevalier only use Phillippe. That shot of the finished Versailles was breathtaking and my favorite of the whole series. Louis is also marginally better as a ruler and a brother, but still a terrible husband. I love the political plot (this season deal with teh Affair of Poisons), but I couldn’t care less about Louis romantic involvements.

The third season is where things went really bad, that I still haven’t finished it until now. The plot just doesn’t make any sense- I think the announcement of the series ending came abruptly to the writers that they scramble to wrap the series and cram too many plotlines. I didn’t care about the William of Orange storyline and while I find the Man in the Iron Mask plot and the peasant revolt to be worthy, the execution fell flat. It was just too bogged down and further, the characters also did a 180. Louis became waay to despotic and Phillippe became… meh. He just didn’t have the spark that he had in the first to seasons. It might be PTSD from war, but it was never addressed well and he barely interacted with Liselotte and The Chevalier, the two closest people he had. And don’t get me started on Sophie and Fabien ๐Ÿ˜ก

This is becoming longer than what I intended haha. I think Versailles had the potential of becoming a good show since it has great costumes (have you seen how luscious those locks are???), settings, compelling characters and a lot of plot line to play with. Unfortunately the final season was such a mess that I couldn’t finish it. I still loved the first two seasons though and I think they worth the watch!

NCT World 2.0

Hasil gambar untuk nct world 2.0 gif

I can’t believe NCT World (and NCT 2020) is finally over, it’s arguably one of the best K-pop moments of 2020! It’s a mini reality show starring the 23 members where each week, they have to do different missions according to the theme. I’m enjoying it more than I initially expected as each theme is so unique and we got to see different sides of the member. My favorite episode is definitely the athletic competition and the boxes mission as we got to see the competitive sides of the members ๐Ÿ˜‚ My favorite mission were Ten’s and Mark’s- it’s hilarious to see almost all members went to Mark’s place to help him cook eggs ๐Ÿ˜‚ For the sport day, it’s just hilarious watching the teams struggling to beat Lucas and Johnny’s team, it’s such an unfair arrangement tbh ๐Ÿ˜‚

This was such a fun content and I wish they would do more of it! Stan NCT for a better life โœจ


John Tucker Must Die

Hasil gambar untuk john tucker must poster

This is one of the old, classic, well-loved rom-coms so I had a lot of expectations for it, but unfortunately, I just found it really boring! I find the main character to be quite judgy, John to be a d*ck that he was, and I think I can predict where the storyline is going. It was such a disappointment.

Princess Weiyoung

Hasil gambar untuk princess weiyoung

I was in the mood for some C-drama so I started Princess Weiyoung. While I enjoyed it, I just… proceeded to abandon it ๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s not bad, in fact it has a great first episode and I can see its potential, but I guess I was not in the mood as I thought I was. Will definitely continue at some point though!

Little Women (2019)

Hasil gambar untuk little women poster

Watching Little Women in December as my christmas movie was the perfect decision as I get why everyone love this story so much! I have never read the book before, but I think this movie captures the spirit of family and the holiday really well. The sisters all have such a strong bond and it translates through the screen really well. I laugh, cried, and raged with them. The castings were perfect; all of the actress were casted as the right sisters! It has Timothee, yes, but I’m glad it doesn’t focuses much on him. The script, the coloring, and the costumes really add to the story.

It was just lovely and a fantastic movie to end the year!


Suspicious Partner

Hasil gambar untuk suspicious partner

One of my biggest goal this year is to be more ~consistent~ so I decided to start with finishing some of my ongoing k-drama by watching the leftover episodes once a week. In January, I decided to finish Suspicious Partner. And I did it! Not only this is the first k-drama I finished this year, but this is also the first Ji Chang Wook’s drama I finished ๐Ÿ˜‚

I can see why it’s popular: the romance is cute, the team is a dream team, the characters are hilarious, and it has suspenseful mystery. Unfortunately, I find the series to be way too long- I think 16 episodes instead of 20 would work better! I am more interested in the mystery but since this is a rom-com, it overshadows and stretches the mystery for way too long. Ji Chang Wook is as charming as ever, but the second lead syndrome still hitting hard in this one. Unfortunately, I find the female lead to be waay to childish and naive (how could she be a lawyer???) that I can’t help rooting for the ex ๐Ÿ˜ฌ The friendship and team dynamics made up for all the lovey dovey moments though and I’m glad to see everyone getting their satisfying ending ๐Ÿ‘


Hasil gambar untuk ragnarok norway

If it wasn’t the amazing promo for the second season, I wouldn’t know this show’s existence. It’s basically set in a fictional town in Norway, where Norse mythology is alive and kicking. I’m only halfway through the series right now, but so far it’s really interesting despite the slow pacing.

Mr. Queen

Hasil gambar untuk mr queen

And finally, one of my most anticipated k-drama of 2020! Mr. Queen is a remake of a chinese show, where in this one, a man’s soul (Jung Bong Hwan) travel back in time and entered the body of a queen (Queen Cheorin). There, he had to navigate the palace life and etiquette, while figuring out the mystery of why the real Queen Cheorin tried to kill herself and avoiding romantic advances from King Cheoljong.

Hasil gambar untuk mr queen gif
Hasil gambar untuk mr queen gif

The premise and trailer were hilarious that I knew it was going to be one of my favorite. And I was right! It was extremely funny: watching free-spirited Bong Hwan adjusts to the confining palace etiquettes and being in the middle of war between her mother/grandmother in laws is hilarious. This show is also addictive in a way that it has so many surprising elements, like how Bong Hwan is actually smart and intuitive and there’s more to everyone at court. I can’t see where the story is going, since there are multiple ways the whole possession thing could end and whether it will have consequences on the present history or not. Plus, the chemistry between the main lead is awesome! I know this show would not be centered on romance, but watching the king fell for the queen/Bong Hwan after being hostile to her previously and Bong Hwan attempts to deny the queen’s lingering feelings were hilarious and made me root for them.

Hasil gambar untuk mr queen romantic gif

The side characters are also really well done! I have a love/hate relationship with Byeong In as I do understand where he came from (but he’s also delusional), but I love Hong Yeon, Choi Sanggung, The Chef, Hwan and Hong! They’re hilarious and such a supportive friends on Team Queen & Cheoljong.

By the time I posted this, Mr Queen will have aired its final episode but I’ll only be able to watch it this weekend, so I’ll let you guys know my final thoughts on my next screen rambles!

11 thoughts on “A very overdue Screen Ramble: November, December, January

  1. John tucker must die is one of my fav rom coms!! It is so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I also loved Little Women – it was so well done in my opinion! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. i havenโ€™t watched the entirety of NCT World yet but i love the fact they made a reality when all 23 members could interact. iโ€™ve only seen some snippets and i was absolutely Shocked when sungchan won from lucas in arm wrestle?????? i couldโ€™ve never predicted such turn of events, hahah. i really need to watch it, i already predict the athletic mission will be my favorite too!


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