Favorite K-pop Songs from Artists I Stan

I know, I know. I am fully aware that I am running a book blog.

This might not be the post you’re expecting, but with the announcement of NCT Hollywood (I think we’re all agree that we all hate it πŸ’€) and the current Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, it seems like the perfect time to promote songs from k-pop artists that I loved. I’ve been listening to a lot of music and if there’s a genre I fell deeply into this quarantine, it’s k-pop. I will write a detailed post on why you should all give k-pop a try and respect it deserves, but for today, I’m going to talk about the artists I love and their favorite songs. The ones that made me really happy, that got me energized in the morning, and the ones that on my frequent rotation to gives comfort whenever things descended into chaos.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

01. Super Junior

Super Junior is not the first group I fell into, but it was the first group I was exposed to. In case you didn’t know, Super Junior was and is very popular in Indonesia. Like, WILDLY popular. Which is why I guess SM is trying real hard to enter Indonesian market, seeing the longevity SuJu has here? But anyways. I love their antics- their craziness and bluntless are hilarious and refreshing to watch! That is one of the main reason why I love them, and I also love that they are not trying to impress the market or follow the trend anymore; nowadays they seemed to enjoy themselves more by creating contents and music they like. I also love that they’re not confining themselves into their “idol” persona, instead they embrace the variety-dol moniker and made a name for themselves. I mean, the amount of variety shows and events they hosted truly speak for themselves.

In terms of music, I honestly love their latest releases more (starting from PLAY) than their previous ones. Not that the pre-PLAY music were bad, but it just more fitting for them, if you get what I mean? Getting back to my earlier point about not trying to follow the trend anymore, it’s obvious from how variable and fun their title tracks are from PLAY onwards compared to their previous ones which seemed trying hard to follow Sorry Sorry… While I do love their fun title tracks, I will say that I always ended up falling for their more ballad-y non-title tracks 😜

Bonus: I love Rokkugo!!! It’s just that one track that always cheers me up. Growing Pains is hands down, my all time favorite track from them and one that actually got me into SuJu in the first place πŸ˜‰


If we’re talking about the first group I stan, the answer is BIG BANG. Their stage presence and musicality are just no joke, especially GD. There’s a reason why the group is legendary. It also helps that Daesung and Taeyang have the exact type of voice that I love from vocalists!

I can hear your gasps of shock that Fantastic Baby is not here, but what can I say- it’s iconic, but it’s not my favorite 😜 I know (and pretty sure every one else knows) that BB is a rap heavy group, but I always lean towards their more vocal tracks. I love Ringa Linga, Bang Bang Bang, and Bae Bae, but it’s the vocal-heavy tracks that always more of a hit for me. I also notice that they have similar vibe so maybe it’s just my music taste? I really wish GD would sing more lol, especially with how hard Untitled hits all of us 😭

Now excuse me while I’m having a BIG BANG party right here…

03. Stray Kids

Stray Kids is truly a must-watch group. Their songs might not always GP friendly, but the fact that they self-produce all their titles and always experimenting speak volumes. And the fact that 3racha is gaining recognition!!!! I’m really proud of them!

Can you believe that Hellevator was their pre-debut song??? Because I can’t. The sheer talent the track has πŸ‘ŒπŸŒŸ Imagine having a pre-debut song this good. And obviously, the other two tracks will be God’s Menu and Easy lol, I think I’ve talked about them waaay too much. Honestly, it’s really hard to choose a favorite because they have so many amazing tracks, including Miroh, Haven, Gone Days, etc. And don’t get me started on SKZ record and the unreleased songs on Chan’s laptop because we’ll be here forever.

Bonus: SKZ record

04. GOT7

Whoever says GOT7 have bad songs… Come and fight me because they!!! certainly!!! do!!! not!!! have!!! bad!!! songs!!! Like yeah their title tracks might not be the best out of the whole album (which does not make any sense thanks JYP 🀑) but it’s not bad at all. I enjoyed how they always change their style for each album and how they just… fit. But most importantly, I love how open and casual they are with us! I mean, does your idol openly fight, or reject your “marry me oppa!!!” stuff, and call you out for using google translate? πŸ’€ They have such a good and healthy relationship with ahgases and each other, it truly reflects on how chill ahgases are (except when it comes to div 2 πŸ’€).

I know You Call My Name is the universally loved title track and while I love it, they really did Mark dirty with that part πŸ’€ I love how fresh and fun Look is, and the boyfriend vibe this song has is just insane! And I’m always floored with the hate Eclipse received because it’s such a good song??? Especially the chorus, it always hits! Last but not least, there’s Not By The Moon; this era was just perfect in terms of styling (Jay B, I’m looking at you) and songs. There are certainly many other songs that I love: Page, Last Piece, Teenager, Thursday, etc. I told you: GOT7 does not have bad songs!!!

Bonus: I miss JJProject and Jus2 😦 My indecisive self always listen to Tomorrow, Today whenever I’m having to make a decision and Focus on Me whenever I need to need to be ~in the mood~ lol.

05. SuperM

Look, their songs can feel like it’s trying to please the western market waay too much (which is fair considering they’re targeting the west) but there is no denying that this group is composed of legends. I’m not sure when we will get a comeback, considering by the time Baek, Kai and Taemin are done with their enlistment it’s time for Taeyong’s, but I sure hope this is not a one-time thing.

All this three songs are from one album, which shows you the range they have and why you should listen to the whole album!

06. Taeyeon

The woman, the myth, the legend… Taeyeon is regarded as a vocal powerhouse because her voice is just that beautiful! I’m still floored whenever I heard Fine– it’s a hard song to sing and she always sings it flawlessly. Blue and 11:11 have a more comforting sound for me, they’re my rainy days song. If you love k-drama, there’s a huge chance that you’ve heard her song at least once because she’s constantly singing OSTs: King 2 Hearts, To The Beautiful You, Scarlet Heart, and the chart-topping Hotel Del Luna.

This post is getting waay longer than I anticipated so I’m going to end it here before it gest even longer and harder to load lol. If you’re still reading, thank you so much and please stay tuned for the second part of this post, which will includes the 472394832439 units of NCT and more female artists (spoiler alert: Blackpink, Sunmi, SNSD, Everglow and Mamamoo 🌹)!

Do you listen to any of these groups? What are your favorite songs from them?

5 thoughts on “Favorite K-pop Songs from Artists I Stan

  1. omg hi, another fellow k-pop enthusiast!!! please nct hollywood, i don’t know why this is even happening.
    i love stray kids too, they have such good music!! i love their b-sides so much, especially easy and we go~ you have top-tier music taste😭😭


  2. ahhh, i’m obsessed! i need part 2 already so we can gush about NCT heheh
    out of these artists, i also really like taeyeon. her song why was like my anthem back when it was first released hahah and i also love her debut single, “I”.
    as a SM stan, i also like superM but i don’t love their music too much. i think the whole idea of trying to target the west – and that is not evolving into NCT hollywood – to be quite boring and unnecessary, tbh. i wish they’d just keep doing what they’re doing with their other groups.
    my favorites are shinee & exo and i def have A LOT of favorite songs, because between the groups & solos + subunits, there’s *a lot* hahah
    amazing post, tasya!


  3. Ah I love Stray Kids, though they were the second group that I got into. Ateez were the group that made me fall down the K-Pop hole hehe. Fav skz songs would have to be Voices, Astronaut, Any, Easy, My Pace lmao I may as well list the whole disography at this point. I am so proud of them though and the fact they have 3racha who as far as I know self produce all their songs (not just limited to their title songs). As for Ateez I could list their entire disography but my favs are Say My Name, Wave, Fever, Fireworks, Promise, Aurora.

    I’ve only heard Dear Me by Taeyeon but I adored it and her vocals just blew me away. I like a lot more songs from other groups though but I can’t remember them all now, I did go through a phase of listening to Monsta X’s songs on repeat. Oh I love KARD’s songs, Onewe, Day6 hehe. Awesome post Tasya!


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