July Wrap Up & August TBR // Back to the slump we goo

Despite (cautious) high hopes for July, it turned out to take a downward turn as expected. There were some highs and lows, but my mood and reading definitely took a hit this month.

  1. THE DARK WIFE by Sarah Diemer // DNF
  2. THE LOST APOTHECARY by Sarah Penner // DNF
  3. SHE WHO BECAME THE SUN by Shelley Parker-Chan {e-ARC} // 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5 (my review)
  5. A DEAD DJINN IN CAIRO by P. Djeli Clark 🎧 // 🌟🌟🌟🌟
  6. ALL YOUR TWISTED SECRETS by Diana Urban // 🌟🌟🌟.5

After the fantastic reading month that was June, it sucks to see not one, but two DNFs in July. I was craving for something more fast paced and action packed but unfortunately, nothing happened in both books. I felt bad especially for THE LOST APOTHECARY since it’s supposed to be the first read for the book club I mentioned last month 😢

Other than that, I really enjoyed my other reads. SHE WHO BECAME THE SUN was amazing in terms of characters and scale of the story, while THE ISLAND OF MONSTERS had higher stakes and more fun compared to the first book. I was in the mood for some short story so I listened to A DEAD DJINN IN CAIRO and fell in love with the story, world building, and character. The narrator just did an amazing job with the story and I can’t wait to read more books set in this world! And finally, I picked up ALL YOUR TWISTED SECRETS since I was in the mood for some YA thrillers. It was exactly what I was looking for but unfortunately it does have a somewhat weak ending.

  1. TO KILL A KINGDOM by Alexandra Christo
  2. QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS by Cassandra Clare

These three books are actually my current read. I started QOAAD a few months ago right after finishing Lord of Shadows but only continued it in July since I was in the mood for some fantasy. Unfortunately it was dense and has too many plot points (that honestly can be split into their own novella) so I picked up TO KILL A KINGDOM. It has been on my summer TBR for a while so I figure it’s the perfect time to read it. Sadly it’s also slow paced (at least where I am now) and I find the writing is more telling than showing 😕 I’m feeling a reading slump coming so I picked up TSHOEH in the hopes it will prevent the slump. So far, I think it’s working since it’s fast paced and held the intrigue right from the start!

Personally, not much happens in July. Beginning at the end of June, COVID cases had a sharp increase which prompted the government to implement a strict measure to curb the spread. I’ve been spending all of July at home: feeling lucky that everyone is able to work from home and be safe, but also guilty that I still felt lethargic when so many others are dying, and being angry and disappointed at government handling of this pandemic. It’s been 1.5 years and they still took half-assed measures, leaving so many people dying and fell into poverty. Every time I read the news I always wonder how come the international world does not call out this incompetency, from the corruption of social assistance (🤬) to the absurd statements government officials spewed (requesting for special hospitals for them and getting hotels as quarantine facilities, for example 🤬).

Thats Absurd GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Sorry for the sudden rant, but it has been an emotionally exhausting month. I can’t even imagine how does it feel being at the front lines 😭

The stricter measures and the negativity the officials did definitely affected my moods, with me losing interest in everything but too lethargic to actually sit down to do something. The reading slump might come from the combination of the pacing in QOAAD and the lockdown, but it certainly affects my attitude towards blogging. It used to feel like an escape; writing post felt like such a release and yet now every time I opened the editor I inexplicably feeling like crying and immediately closed it lmao 😭😂

On a more positive note, July is also my birthday month 🥳 I didn’t get to celebrate or do anything because of you know what and it fell on the weekdays, but I did get to eat cakes 😆 I also had so much fun having a FEAR STREET marathon with my sister. I was much more gory than I expected for a general (?) audience but overall, it was super fun (especially if you watch it at 1.5x speed 😜)

I got into a new k-drama, THE DEVIL JUDGE which starred Ji Sung (yes, that Ji Sung from Kill Me Heal Me) and GOT7 Jinyoung! Ji Sung’s acting is still flawless (even my sister fell for him lol) and watching Jinyoung makes me missed GOT7 so much 🥺 And it feels like he knows a lot of people felt the same because he suddenly released a new song, DIVE, and it is perfect! It is a fun, summer love band-style song that’s just so refreshing and bring the mood up. I’ve been playing the song nonstop because it’s just THAT good 💚💙

The Devil Judge Poster

How was July for you?

16 thoughts on “July Wrap Up & August TBR // Back to the slump we goo

  1. Ah I hope you have a better August .> I consumed 2 C Dramas though (Falling Into Your Smile and Skate Into Love) and then this month I’m looking forward to Stray Kids comeback, so whilst my reading game isn’t quite there. I have other things keeping me happy haha.


      1. Ah yes! Falling Into Your Smile is probably my favourite drama of the year, I adored it so much and I’m planning on rewatching it at some point with a friend who I got to watch it. I adore the character, the plot and just everything and I’m praying we’ll get a season 2 of it because I am not ready to say goodbye to those characters or cast just yet haha. Skate Into Love was also good! The romance was cute when the main couple eventually get together and I did find it kinda long as its 40 episodes, however it was still an enjoyable drama. I wished two of the side characters were better fleshed out and not just constantly sticking their noses in to cause trouble BUT again, still really enjoyed the drama and it was worth watching.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. happy late birthday! sorry to hear about the covid situation in your country, i’ve heard indonesia’s cases have gotten really bad and i’m keeping you all in my thoughts 💓 definitely agree with what you said about a dead djinn in cairo—the world is so interesting and i also can’t wait to read the next books! hope you have a better august 💕


  3. I am sooo excited for She Who Became the Sun. I need my copy to arrive asap. I hope you’re staying safe and that things will look up soon!


  4. excuse me being super late to this post lmao but i can totally understand your rage in incompetent governors trying to navigate the pandemic! it is so frustrating because as much as we try to do our part, it feels like we’re the only people left still trying. and especially seeing so many corruption cases coming up while people are literally *dying*. ughhhhh

    i hope you still had a good birthday despite the circumstances! and that blogging motivation kicks in again! i hope things start getting better where you live. vaccinations are rolling out more & more here, and most of my friends have already gotten the first dose, which is a relief!

    hope you have an amazing august, tasya!


    1. I agree! Like it’s supposed to be your responsibility as government to take care of us the people and I get that this is an unprecedented situation, but a clear direction and less denial would be awesome. It was the bare minimum sigh.

      Anyways, thank you Lais! It’s also relieving to see the vaccine roll out is happening more and more where you live; it’s certainly a relief!


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