More Favorite K-Pop Songs from Artists I Stan

This is the part 2 of me talking about my favorite k-pop songs from my favorite artists. To view part 1, click here.

I’ve been feeling pretty down lately so I figure some post about k-pop might cheer me up a bit- and I certainly had a lot of fun! Plus it’s right on time with so many comebacks and NCT 127’s just around the corner. You know the gist already, so let’s just jump right in!

07. NCT

Look, the NCT concept was and IS hard to understand. And the amount of members you have to stan… I understand why some people are intimidated lol. It is hard work to keep track with the shenanigans of 23 people, let alone their personal and unit updates. But it also means that you’ll never run out of content and songs to listen to, which is a plus for me! 🎉

a. NCT 2018: Without You, Touch, Black on Black – Everyone under the label NCT in 2019

Without You was the first song I heard that got me checking out NCT as a whole. Jaehyun’s smooth opening, along with Taeil and Doyoung’s high notes are just perfect together. This is also the song that made me fell for his voice because it’s just so rare to have a baritone in k-pop! it also reminds me of Kim Soo Hyun Touch is just such a fun song with a catchy chorus, while Black on Black is the typical hype song that I love lol.

b. NCT 2020: Lightbulb, Mistfit, 90s Love – Everyone under the label NCT in 2020

Yes I love the opposite spectrum of calm and hype, rap heavy songs. It’s one of the main reason I love NCT because their discography has RANGE. I fell in love with Light Bulb from it’s first intro and I’m really happy they added Sungchan and Kun to this version of the song! Misfit and 90’s Love are definitely rap heavy, hype songs that I just love.

Honestly the whole Resonance album is a no-skip album… There’s Faded in My Last Song, Volcano, From Home, Nectar (!!!) and obviously, Make A Wish. NCT 2020 really serves content, looks, and discography 🙌

c. NCT 127: Highway to Heaven, Baby Don’t Like It, Simon Says – the Seoul-based group (127 is the coordinate of Seoul).

It always took me a second listen to actually hit it off with 127 songs, but they actually have the most songs I like! Highway to Heaven and Baby Don’t Like It are on the softer, singing tracks compared to Simon Says– which is why you should check out their full album before labelling them noise music!!! Other songs that I love are Regular (who doesn’t), Punch (underrated!!!), and Another World.

Yes, there’s no Kick It here 🤷‍♂️

d. NCT Dream: Ridin’, Boom, My Youth – the youth-aimed group, the member ages are from 1999 to 2001 liners.

Dream’s concept is the most unclear for me because I just couldn’t imagine having so many member changes with the group brand’s still intact. And I think SM didn’t consider the possibility that fans will love the current line up so much they demand for fixed unit or will boycott the next line up lol.

Aside from their amazing bond, all of their albums are no skips for me. Again with the combination of hype (Ridin’, Boom) and softer ballad My Youth. There are also 119, Rainbow, and Hot Sauce. And Renjun x Kun cover??? I love it sooo much ahhh 🥺 Despite their young age they already show their musical versatility and I’m really looking forward for their future releases!

e. WayV: Love Talk, Turn Back Time, Moonwalk – the China based unit

Well hello Ten and Xiaojun’s high notes! Also, who doesn’t love Love Talk? Whether it’s the English or the Chinese version, the song SLAPS. Love Talk is the song I always recommends for someone who’s looking to enter the k-pop world because it’s the song that just really fits with gp.

f. Bonus: Mad City, Try Again, Dream in a Dream

Mad City is the most hype of them all lmao it’s like 2-3 minutes of Mark and Taeyong flaunting their rapping skills (as they should) + Jaehyun’s voice. Try Again is a Jaehyun solo, while Dream In A Dream is a Ten Solo. Both are amazing vocalist with amazing songs!

08. Blackpink

Who doesn’t know Blackpink? I actually fell into blackpink because of my sister, but their songs are super catchy and watching their Netflix document also helps. Playing with Fire is my favorite track that I actually discovered on my own while browsing youtube; I found out about As If It’s Your Last due to Just Dance while Lovesick Girls was playing on the radio while I was driving and it became my driving song ever since!

09. EXO

EXO is, arguably, the most popular 3rd gen boygroup. I mean, who doesn’t know Growl? That song just exploded. However, when it comes to my favorite songs of EXO, it’s actually Forever. I absolutely love how it’s able to capture the unique and powerful voices of Baekhyun, D.O., and Chen in one song, giving them equal time to shine and distinguish them from one another while still blending in perfectly. I love Monster and Lotto due to it’s darker concept, MV, and Chanyeol’s rap parts, while Miracles in December is just such a healing song.

10. SNSD

Listening to Into the New World always give chills, even now. It’s the song that started everything and it always managed to take me back to 2007, when times were simpler and more positive :’) This song is just legendary and its use in many protests cemented this song as more than “kpop”. Catch Me If You Can and The Boys will always be iconic for their MV and their amazing girl crush energy. SNSD comeback when???

11. Everglow

I really got into Everglow this year when I checked out their albums. I only intended to listen to one, but they are just so good??? I love all tracks from all albums so choosing this list has been really hard. Their discography just felt really fresh and different compared to other existing ones. If you haven’t check them out, I highly recommend you to listen to Everglow!

So that’s all for my part 2 of this k-pop post! Do you see any groups you like? Any songs I haven’t mention?

11 thoughts on “More Favorite K-Pop Songs from Artists I Stan

  1. This is everything I’ve ever wanted from a blog post! ❤ I love NCT (all of them ❤ even though it took me a while to get an idea of who was who and in what units they were all in). Blackpink also feature on my driving playlist a lot! I think I need to go back and check your part 1 of this post and see if I see anymore of my faves


  2. yay, i’m so happy to see a part 2 of this post, including my favorite groups!

    touch and without you by nct are definitely some of my favorites too. i remember loving touch because it was the first (and only, sadly) time that 127 was doing a “cute” concept and that music video makes me so happy every time i watch it! i love the nct 2018 album and yestoday is definitely my favorite track. i love taeyong’s and mark’s rap and doyoung’s voice is just *the best*.

    highway to heaven would also probably be in my top 3 for 127. even the english version is amazing, though some of the lyrics make me cringe a little bit hahah i’m also such a huge fan of regular and baby don’t like it, and an underrated favorite of mine is fly away with me. and YES MAD CITY!!!!#!!! i remember when this album first came out, that was my most streamed song hahahah

    have you listened to sticker? what are your favorite songs? (i love promise you & breakfast!)

    when it comes to exo, they’re my all time favorite group so i don’t know if i’d ever be able to choose just three songs. but i adore forever as well, it’s probably my favorite from the ko ko bop album. i also really like power, even though it’s not a ballad like miracles in december, that’s definitely my healing song, as i listen to it whenever i need to be put in a better mood!


    1. Oh yesss Highway to Heaven!!! Love that song too, it’s so fun and they look sooo good on the MV! Mad City deserves so much love, it has some of the best raps in kpop!

      My favorites are Lemonade, Bring the Noize, and Road Trip! Especially road trip, it makes me want to go on a trip so much 🥺


  3. NCT is super intimidating – it makes a tiny bit glad that I’m more of a gg stan but I have to admit that their discography is so big and diverse. Yay Everglow! I got into them sometime last year and their songs, especially their title tracks, always pump me up when I listen to them.


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