Winter Wonderland Book Tag

Hi everyone! It’s almost the last month of the year and with some places already start snowing, I figure it’s the perfect time to do a winter-themed tag ❄ I saw this tag at Tracy @ Truffle’s Literary Wonder blog, so be sure to also check out her post!

One: What book is so happy and so sweet that it just warms your heart?

I feel like it’s been soooo long since I read a sweet contemporary that I couldn’t come up with an answer lol. One book that popped up in my head is THE GIRL AND THE GHOST by Hanna Alkaf, which is a middle-grade book about Suraya, a girl who received a pelesit from her grandmother and has to learn how to control its darkness before it consume the two of them. It was a really fun and heartwarming read despite the topic!

Two: What’s your favourite book with a white cover?

I have such a hard time deciding between VICIOUS, A CONJURING OF LIGHT, or ALWAYS AND FOREVER LARA JEAN. I’m going with A CONJURING OF LIGHT though, as it certainly one of the biggest book hangover I’ve ever experienced!

Three: You’re sitting in a nice, comfortable chair with a cup of hot chocolate. What monster book are you reading?

I’ve never been fond of long books in general, but I think it would be QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS by Cassandra Clare since I want to finish the series before the year ends!

Four: It’s snowing outside and you decide you want to have a snowball fight. What fictional character do you want to have this snowball fight with?

Mark and the rest of the Blackthorns! I think it would be such a fun time to let them be children and have fun with each other. Julian and Emma would be so competitive, while Mark is slightly less but would be more sneaky.

Five: Sadly, your campfire is dying. What last few chapters of a book would you throw in the fire to revive it and keep yourself warm?

IGNITE ME by Tahereh Mafi? The whole book was amazing until that ending. It was really abrupt after all the non stop action!

Six: What book do you love so much that you would buy another copy of it to give to someone as a Christmas gift (or any gift really) to inspire them to start reading?

WHEN DIMPLE MEET RISHI by Sandhya Menon, since I knew someone who’s situation is really similar with Dimple and would love to read it!

Seven: Who do you tag?

I tag Sofii @ A Book, A Thought; Veronika & Sabrina @ Wordy and Whimsical; Belle @ This Belle Reads Too; and Sage @ Sage’s Shelves!

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