Why I Rarely Pick Up Sequels of My Favorite Series

I was scrolling through goodreads a few days ago when I notice a book called Scion by Josephine Angelini and it’s labelled as ‘Starcrossed #4’. In case you don’t know, Starcrossed is a YA retelling of the Trojan War where the descendants of the original characters of the myth have to repeat the cycle of love and violence that befalls their ancestors. I read it years ago and it remains one of my all time favorite series πŸ’• The third and final book, Goddess, was released back in 2013 which is why I was surprised that the author decided to continue the series after so long.

I feel like I should be happy- it’s a chance to revisit the world and characters I really love– but honestly I felt… nothing? It seems like Scion expands on the existing novella, Starcrossed City, and features Starcrossed‘s parents generation so I feel the lack of emotional connection and excitement. But then it got me thinking that in general, I tend to not pick up sequel series even though it’s from series I really enjoy. Even though in the beginning during the initial announcement I was excited, something keep holding me back that I just ended up not picking the sequel up.

It definitely makes me curious on what makes me decided to pick or not pick up a sequel, so let’s dive into the sequels and why I didn’t pick them up!

01. Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten by Julie Kagawa


Original series: The Iron Fey

Initial thoughts: Excited! More Fey, more Puck and Ash and we might get to see Meghan and Ash reign!!!

Why I didn’t pick it up: If I’m being honest my biggest turn-off was the cover 😬 Like what’s up with the shirtless and tattooed guy, I don’t feel like it has anything to do with the story unless Ethan spends his time losing his shirt. I also don’t feel like I have enough emotional attachment to Ethan, much less reading about his story where he *might* hating on Meghan, Puck and Ash. I mean the tone of the synopsis doesn’t sound like he has a great relationship/view about them. I ended up just forgot about it and removed it from my TBR when I was doing a shelf cleanup.

02. The Shaw Confessions by Michelle Hodkin

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Original series: Mara Dyer trilogy

Initial thoughts: Excited didn’t even begin to describe my feelings- it’s Noah freaking Shaw!!! We were getting a Noah Shaw series! We’re going to get inside his head, see how the thinks about the whole events on the original series and discover more bout him!

Why I didn’t pick it up: The reviews started to pour in and it wasn’t… good. Apparently Noah was a really different person in his head vs how he acts toward Mara; he’s actually scared/doesn’t trust her? Idk but it really really breaks the whole image of Noah Shaw from the original series.

Another thing was I waited for the trilogy to be finished so I can binge read them, but I ended forgetting about this series. I just found out that the second book was released in 2018 while the third book is scheduled for 2023… The 5 year gap is also a factor in why I forgot about its existence 😬

03. The Heir and The Crown by Kiera Cass

Original series: The Selection trilogy

Initial thoughts: Curious. Not really excited since the trilogy was wrapped pretty well and I’m not sure there’s more plot to write about, but I am curious in seeing America and Maxon as middle aged parents/ruler. Oh and having Maxon fending off Eadlyn suitors- that should be fun to watch. Finally, that cover!!! It’s my favorite from the series so far.

Why I didn’t pick it up: The reviews weren’t good. America and Maxon seemed to be a bad parents with how spoiled and unlikeable Eadlyn was. The story also seemed to be very repetitive, with nothing new added to the universe.

04. Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi


Original series: Shatter Me trilogy

Initial thoughts: I always complained that the end of Ignite Me was waaay to abrupt. I want more display of power, more politics, more Kenji and more Warnette! I was a bit wary since now the war is over, I don’t know what plot the author will bring but I wanted to read it to see what happened next.

Why I didn’t pick it up: I was waiting until the series was finished but then I got spoiled and the plot… just… doesn’t make sense 😬 It kinda ruins the original series for me so I decided to not pick it up.

05. Dreamer trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater


Original series: The Raven Cycle

Initial thoughts: Out of all the series, I think this was my most lukewam reaction. I’d love to read more about Pynch and learn how Ronan’s power work (and just reading more about the Lynch siblings dynamics) but at the same time the blurb just didn’t really speak to me.

Why I didn’t pick it up: I just lost interest Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― I already have low interest to begin with so I just simply forgot about it.

Looking back, it seems like there are a lot of factors but in general, it seems that I just lost interest whether due to the lack of emotional attachment or uninteresting plot. Curiously, there are some exceptions; From the Shadowhunter series, I read The Infernal Devices (my all time favorite series) and currently reading The Dark Artifices trilogy- both has new characters than the ones in The Mortal Instruments. I also picked up Heroes of Olympus (mainly follow new characters) and Trials of Apollo (new characters, unknown plot) from the Percy Jackson series. While I haven’t finished Vampire Academy yet, I’ve read 2 books in the Bloodlines series (new characters- I haven’t even finish the original series) πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Do you read sequel series? What makes you decide to read or not read them?

Have you read any of these sequels? Is there any I should change my mind and try to read?

11 thoughts on “Why I Rarely Pick Up Sequels of My Favorite Series

  1. I am cackling because firstly, I also had low interest in Ronan’s spin off series and then the books following Ethan just didn’t appeal to me. Maybe I’ll read them one day but I think I’m more likely to read the other series following Puck I believe it is. Secondly, The Infernal Devices is also one of my favs it has a special place in my heart, The Dark Artifices was also such a good read but I spent a good portion of the books being stressed haha. I read The Vampire Academy liked it and then picked up Bloodlines, have to say Bloodlines > TVA for me. I adore Adrian and Sydney so much.

    As for whether I’ll pick up a series spin off or a continuation depends entirely on the original series, who we’re following in the spin off and how long I have to wait. Only one comes to mind where I was and still am eagerly awaiting new releases to the spin off series and that’s Hiers of Chicagoland by Chloe Neill. (original series is Chicagoland Vampires). I love the original series so much and her spin off is just as good hehe. Otherwise I tend to not have a lot of interest, since they usually end up following characters I don’t care for. Highly encourage to finish Bloodlines though, even if you don’t feel like finishing TVA. I just fell more for Bloodlines to be honest.


      1. Ugh I have that same fondness for Puck and Grim the cat bahaha. Hmmm honestly I would argue you could read Bloodlines without TVA and still understand everything. The only real overlap you have between the two series is certain characters. Everything get’s explained in Bloodlines so you can still follow along without having read TVA. Pretty sure my mum read Bloodlines without reading TVA and she got on fine xD

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  2. I was quiet skeptic about The Crown and The Heir but they’re actually very good! They Excedeed my expectation and the story was interesting in their own way. I didn’t read Restore Me, though, because I feel like it’s unnecessary to continue the ending (which for me is good enough) anymore :/


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