August Wrap Up & September TBR 2022 // Busy with work!

Well hello there! With August ending and September coming, it feels like we’re officially in the second half of the year with colder weathers and sting of festivities. Personally I’m both sad and excited that August is ending due to how exhausting it was and some exciting things coming in September!

  1. PRACTICAL MAGIC by Alice Hoffman 🎧 // 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  2. RAVENFALL by Kalyn Josephson {eARC} // 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I didn’t get to read a lot in August due to work, but I loved the two books that I managed to read. PRACTICAL MAGIC was really short, but sweet and filled with so many exciting things. I can see why it’s timeless all this time and how even until now there are sequels released! Plus, the narrator and the sound effect are amazing, truly adds to the experience. I also really love RAVENFALL, it’s so cozy and perfect for the halloween season!

  1. LAST OF THE TALONS by Sophie Kim {eARC}
  2. THE SACRIFICE by Rin Chupeco {eARC}
  3. GHOST EATERS by Clay McLeod Chapman (eARC}

September is looking to be an exciting and busy month so I don’t know whether I’ll be able to read a lot, BUT. I do have some eARCs I need to read. There are LAST OF THE TALONS and THE SACRIFICE, both of which I’m excited to read. There’s also GHOST EATERS, which, is not a bad book but I couldn’t remember requesting it and intrigued by the premise. The cover is really eerie and I always love Quirk Books releases so I’m looking forward to read it!

August was a really busy month. Work really did pick up since the project I’m in officially starting, but still due to the lack of support it means I need to do everything including going to the field, entering data and reporting, as well as coordinating with partners. I spent the weekends recuperating at my place, heading out on either Saturday or Sundays with friends to pre-Mondays at cafes and spending the other day at home cleaning up the place and doing laundry.

I managed to have some fun too though! I actually went on a concert last Friday, to see one of the greatest bands in Indonesia, Dewa 19. I grew up with their music and it’s actually their 30th anniversary, so it’s really great to see them live on such occasions! Not to mention, the vocalist playing at the scene is also one of my favorite, Once. The other vocalists, Ello and Virzha, are also amazing as they truly bring the “rock star” persona to the performance. Seeing them live is truly an experience, the energy and the songs are just amazing! 🔥 The fact that they sang all my favorite songs, including those on my “must have karaoke” songs is definitely something to remember.

Speaking of concerts… I AM GOING TO SEE SEVENTEEN IN SEPTEMBER 😭💎 I don’t think it’s sinking in yet, but I’m really excited!!! The ticket war experience was so chaotic, full of resellers and even bots buying the tickets 😡 But yeah, I’m really really REALLY excited seeing them live, knowing how lively and energetic their performances are. And. Just. It’s seventeen 🥺 Fingers crossed that the whole tour and concerts will run smoothly, that they’ll be able to perform with complete members!

Anyways, yeah not a lot of things happened in August. I also hasn’t been looking for new music, so my playlist has remained the same except for the addition of FOREVER 1. It’s been soooo long since SNSD comeback and I’m so happy that they stuck with SNSD style instead of following the current girlcrush trend. Truly brings back all the feels! 💗

Again, not a lot of post on the blog due to work lol. I haven’t got the chance to read but I’ve been watching stuffs on the weekend so will probably do a screen rambles post soon.

8 thoughts on “August Wrap Up & September TBR 2022 // Busy with work!

  1. Aaaah I hope you enjoy the seventeen concert! I have no idea who is who in that group, I think I may have listened to some of their songs before?? Who knows at this point xD Last of the Talons and The Sacrifice both look good, I mean their covers catch my eye – hope you enjoy them! Thank you so much for sharing my post too Tasya 💜


  2. august certainly was an exhausting month, but i hope september treats us both better!!! it’s so exciting you went to a concert, there are so many great bands coming to brazil atm but i’m super broke so i can’t really afford to go to any of them hahah which is especially sad because i miss listening to live music so much and i haven’t been to any concerts since the pandemic!! i am happy to hear you had a great time and i hope you enjoy SEVENTEEN’s concert!!!!! 🤍🤍🤍


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