Things I am excited for in 2019

With 2018 coming to a close and 2019 starting soon, many people already posted their wrap-ups and favorites. However, as the year are not 100% done yet, I figure I’d rather posted some things I’m excited for in 2019 as there may be some last minute changes over favorites and number of books I read. […]

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Hi. As the title suggest, this is just a short post to announce that I’m going to take a hiatus for 2 weeks. The reason is things just escalated too quickly for me to even comprehend and I don’t even know how am I going to survive next week 😭😭😭 You might remember that I mentioned […]

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On Growing Up and Letting Go

  Most of you might not know, but today is the day I turn 18. Personally, I still can’t believe it. 18 is such a scary number. It’s such a big and important number, that signifies that I’m an adult now. How can I be an adult when I still feel like I’m 16?? I’m […]

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